Chapter 4

It’s hard for you to sleep that night. You find it difficult to stay angry at the commander - he didn’t say such things to purposefully spite you, but they stung nonetheless. Instead, you have anxiety gnawing at you. To your ears, it sounded like Ike couldn’t find value in anything that wasn’t human. You exhale slowly. On the more positive note, this means that he probably can’t stand the laguz - a sentiment you share. But you really had rather hoped that he would be more like his father. You smile sadly to yourself. You always have such double standards.

Despite seeing glimpses of your parents and other unwanted images every time you close your eyes, you eventually manage to drift off to sleep. And then the nightmares come, as they do most nights.

“...not even sure he’s totally human.” Voices from outside wake you and you sit upright in your bed, supporting yourself on your palms as you strain to hear more of the conversation.

“Have you seen that mark on his forehead?” With a jolt, you realise that you’re sweating and breathing rapidly. Whatever nightmare you were having has been forgotten in light of the worrying conversation now taking place.

“Relax, Titania. What does it matter if he’s a spirit charmer?” Ike’s words ease your mind somewhat. All the same, you slowly get out of bed and tiptoe towards the flap of your tent. You don’t want to miss a single word of this.

“What does it matter? Ike, spirit charmers sell their souls for power. What’s to say he won’t sell us out, too - to the Daein army?!” There’s an awkward pause. “Ike, I don’t want him present at any meetings. Not until we know for sure that he can be trusted.”

You hear Ike sigh. “And what, you just want us to shun him in the meantime?”

“If he’s willing to sell his soul, he deserves to be shunned.” Titania sounds bitter.

You slip a cloak on over the robes that you had been sleeping in, and exit your tent. Ike and Titania are standing some distance away, but you walk past them on your way to the mess tent. As you pass between them, you mutter just loud enough for them to hear. “It’s a birthmark.”

The End

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