‘The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world.’


There were no circumstances in which I could allow a single soul to escape my clutches on a technicality, or because one had bested me, and one would certainly not— by accounts of my failure to procure the necessary, or fulfil to the entirety with what I was obligated— escape. The soul of Lucius Pirithous belonged to me, and if I had to force his beloved into loving, so be it.

My mission was simple: To make and make sure a mortal craved another so desperately, it drove the other to murder, suicide or both. To prove to my hellions, and to myself that I was still the best.

I hadn’t been to Earth in decades, not personally, now heretofore, I personally, was due a duty delegated to demons lesser in the norm. I will admit, it was embarrassing. However, as strange a realm as Earth was, one needing to regard with both prudence and heed, it had its moments and its sinful pleasures, leaving it not without a charm or wonder to behold.

This walk of world was wistful as dear Lucius, from the sky, tears ’d abound, though the incalescence pervaded enough to sweat the English as much as the clouds of rain. In human form, I felt it too, and it made me sick, while fortunately, I matched the landscape green.

Wandering a road, in the hours of middle morning, I collected myself a leather coat, and faded jeans, a decalled tee of modern-times, and checkered trainers to my means. I sniffed, and listened to subtle whispers here, and could feel the tingle in the ends of all my fingers, that Kali’s home was near.

A brick house, no difference between it and others of the suburbs made it tricky to identify, but such an incognizance would do little to subvert me. Hers was two storeys, had a blue door, and ivy creeping up the front of the brick face, obscuring most of its windows. Of course, there was also the hen which had made its home on the roof. Had all other indicators not been there, I would still have seen the chicken, and in the end, found the right house.

Unnoticed, I glided around to the aft section of the coop, prepared for spellcasting, certain the proximity would guarantee its effectiveness. The windows needn’t have been opened, and the drawn curtains were unnecessary. And perhaps nothing would have happened to me, were I unable to see inside.

Right then, I had the pleasure of taking a very first glimpse of no more finer or perfect thing than was in existence, and her name was Kali. Along with two of her household, she imbibed the morning fast in all of her splendour.

No one had yet seen me peering in, but I was in awe of her, and were I not to move, could be espied. I jumped back, and if I didn’t know better, I would say I had a stroke.

One look was all it took, and I suddenly felt broken. My knees buckled, yet I felt more buoyant than the air around me. My hands and fingers shook and quivered violently, but I had never been more serene. Then like a fireworks display within, my nervous system tingled, and I could hear my heart pounding ten times as fast, I thought that it might rupture. What was this sensation? Was it love? Could this be what young Lucius felt, when he thought of Kali in the catacombs? this release of chemicals and hormones? Or was I feeling this way because of some rapturous spell Kali had placed upon me?

I looked back inside to be sure, and it appeared no one had noticed me. I nearly laughed, realising nothing could hex me. But on second glance, I felt weak in the knees once again, and my heart racing fast. I don’t know what came over me; what could be ailing my human form, but it hurt in more ways than I could even imagine... and I didn’t want it to stop.

However, there was still the matter of Lucius’ soul. It was not I who was to fall in love, but Kali, and not with me. So I turned my hands and cracked my knuckles, and set about in magicks no mortal could comprehend. Under my breath I said some words, of instilling fear and death impend. With that, my task was done, and I watched as a mythic smoke vapoured into the house, and Kali breathed it in.

Unfortunately, I once again had the displeasure of not knowing whether the spell had taken effect, and this one was thrice as potent. Her behaviour seemed unchanged, unless she didn’t stress, and her disposition, shining bright, didn’t enliven.

It took some work then, to force myself away from the beauty’s visage, and clumsily, I brambled into the bushes of the adjacent property to evade notice. But perhaps I was not as careful as I thought, for I had damaged as much my pride when I was quickly caught. The girl of the house I’d been watching shrilly yelled upon egress, and unto me through the hedge, “Hey! Sod off!” but I digress.

The End

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