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It must be nice. Maybe I am bitter. She's made over a hundred thousand dollars a year for the last 20 years. Bitter. Who cares. Easing into retirement at sixty. That's enough to make anyone bitter. Except her.

"So, you'd like me to... what?" I was hesitant. The last thing I wanted to do was affirm or sign on with anything. Truth be told, such a job did not appeal to me. But then again, what did? The majority of people report dissatisfaction with their job. I just report dissatisfaction with all of them. I don't think I'll ever find one that I can ever consider "ok." Maybe that's the point. Some crazy, masochistic societal endeavor to relinquish enjoyment from our careers so that our limited downtime - away from work, housework, kid work, family work, school work, work that isn't work but feels like work, - felt like real downtime. Shooting that one down. Society is not a conscious being. It is merely a reflection of humanity's values and choices. Our choices had lead us to work for a living, and live for a brief moment in between. Unless you're born rich and famous. Or just rich. Bitter.

"I'd like you to consider working on taking over a more managerial role in this company. You've done a good job with your current responsibilities."

I guess I should explain. My job consists of a cacophony of various inter-related tasks designed to promulgate efficiency and worker competency.

Nailed it.

What this means is that I do a lot of bullshit. At times I review financial documents, looking for discrepancies and other red flags. I do weekly, monthly, and yearly employee reviews, where I try to dance between being not too nice (could get fired) and not too mean (morally repugnant). Capitalism, ho!

I also do some online stuff. Minor editing of the website, company emails, datasheets. I'm in charge of meetings every month designed to "promote workplace synergy and employee morale." God, could it get any worse? I thought people only used synergy ironically nowadays.

This "jack-of-all trades" assignment means I don't really have a working title, like Supervisor, or Manager, or whatever, which allows the company to pay me less, because the financial expectations of someone labeled "Manager" are much higher than someone who just does a bunch of shit around the office.

 Who cares, right? Why complain? I have a job, at least. I make about 25k a year. Not much in SoCal, but enough to afford my $800 a month studio apartment.

Well, fuck you, we're all human.

The End

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