Mistaken IdentityMature

I shouldn't be doing this I don't even know why I am. To be fair she was the one who contacted me. Adam is my friend and all but come on, when a girl that hot contacts me, friends girlfriend or not, I'm going to reply. I'm kind of glad she turned down my advances. Still I will get to see her tonight, she invited Holly and I to dinner for a couples date. She is going to bring Adam and I have to bring Holly. When I asked Holly to dinner she wasn't excited at all. I don't get it holly has been asking me to take her to dinner forever, and when I do she had nothing good to say. She can be such a bitch sometimes. I bet Catty is going to look great, she always wears the perfect body flattering clothing and hardly wears any makeup. Holly on the other hand tries way too hard. It's exciting to see her even if we are each with someone else. It makes flirting with her that much more exciting.
Holly is ready, she looks like baked trash. She used to be so hot. Now her hair is messed, she straightens it way too often; it looks like dark brown hay. She is naturally pale but she goes and gets this spray shit on her skin every week, its all blotchy and fake looking. I wish she would stop, but she cries whenever I tell her what she could be doing better. I'm an honest guy; if she doesn't want my opinion then she shouldn't be with me. Whatever I'm not going to start shit, we are going to be late.
Catty looks even better than I thought she would. Her skirt is short, or no it isn't that short it just looks that way because her legs are super long. "Hey Adam, Hey Catty your looking amazing as usual." Adam is giving me an off look. "Catty, eh? Since when did you two become so close?" He said without breaking his glare. Catharine breaks the silence "I added him to my friends list, we just got to talking about sundown, that show you won't watch with me, Josh is really into it too!" "So who is this lovely lady you have brought with you?" Adam said looking Holly over. "Holly Adam, Adam Holly." "Nice to meet you holly." All holly did was nod in return.
Catty and I spent the rest of the night talking, both of us on the verge of flirtation. I want her so much more now. I pay the bill. Give Adam a pat on the back "nice seeing you again man". "Holly, HOLLY?" What the hell she doesn't even say goodbye.  Even if she didn't like them she could have at least been polite. Then Adam spoke up, he let me know that somewhere in that span of time Holly had said goodbye to them and headed out to the car.   Aw fuck I hope Catty doesn't think I'm some sort of jerk now.
Holly is waiting by the car when I get outside. "You couldn't have waited like two minutes for me?" "I'm sure you didn't miss me" she said with that tone that she sometimes uses with me. "Ugh why do you have to be like that?" "So what did you think of holly?" I say genuinely wanting her opinion. "I didn't really talk to her" Holly replied looking down into her purse, "Catty's time seemed to be quite well occupied." "For Christ sake Holly, now I can't even talk to someone without you overreacting." "Sorry" she replied, not sounding sorry at all. What's her problem anyways; she could have been part of the conversation if she had just looked up from her plate.
I tried to talk to Holly all the way home she didn't say one word. This is why I don't like spending too much time alone with her.  I give the girl what she wants she doesn't take advantage of it, not my fault.
Holly takes off her coat and goes to sit on the couch. I sit next to her. We are watching some stupid cooking show, Holly's choice of course. All I can think of at this point are Catty's legs. They looked so smooth. I lay my hand on Holly leg. I wonder what she feels like. I'm rubbing my hand up and down her thigh. I bet she tastes sweet like vanilla ice cream or something. I bet she shaves everything. She seems like that kind of girl. Really takes care of herself. I fumble my body on top of hers. The lights are off I just want to kiss her lips, they looked so swollen and welcoming at the restaurant. I lift her off the couch and take her into the bedroom and lay her down. Imagining what it will feel like to be inside her as I kiss her hard. She starts taking off my pants, she is licking me. All I can do is think of myself between her long soft legs, my skin against her light pink thighs. I lay her out on the bed and ease myself into her, trying to get every last inch into her. I can feel her nipples graze my chest I let all my weight onto her. My eyes are closed oh she feels so good. A huge release explodes into her. I lay my body over hers once again caressing her soft skin. "I love you baby" I open my eyes to Holly's voice. Well that ruined the moment I thought, glad Holly doesn't' know what I was thinking. "I love you too." I say as I roll over.

The End

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