self realization- the great insight

the story is about a young lady who decided to change her manners

The great insight –self realization

Once upon a time there was a young lady who was quite difficult and unpleasant with people around her. Unfortunately her looks weren’t going for her either. Her father, who was very wealthy, had been trying for many years to find her a husband but none of the handsome suitors who called on her felt that they got on too well.

When she met a new suitor and didn’t take to him too well, she said exactly what was on her mind and didn’t mince her words at all. On other occasions, the lady would talk non-stop preventing the charming suitor from responding.

One day, a rather ugly suitor, who was also a bit foolish, met her at a coffee place. In fact, the lady thought he was so ugly that it didn’t occur to her that he would have the audacity to offer his hand in marriage. Lacking a bit in self-confidence and a bit on the shy-side, he began chatting to her about all sorts of things that did not interest the lady in the slightest. Suddenly she turned to him and with irritation in her voice exclaimed, “Look, I really don’t know what you’re doing here but I do wish you would stop wasting my time and get to the point. What is it exactly you want with me?” This outburst on her part completely shocked the ugly young man and instead of making him feel remorseful or embarrassed he began to wonder what indeed he was doing there.

Later that night after failing to fall sleep from worry, he called up his best friend.

“The truth is, “he said, “I am not really that over heels about her. You know how my finances are these days and she is outrageously wealthy and I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life.”

“So, what you’re telling me is that even though you have not opened your heart to her, you are quite determined to see this through?” said his friend reproachfully.

“Do I detect some cynicism in your tone?”

“It’s more than cynicism. I think you are completely out of line; and as your best friend, I really have to insist you abandon this ridiculous idea. I won’t let you take advantage of this young innocent lady.”

"Ok, I accept what you are saying. I will have to say good bye to her then"

Since this guy wasn’t very smart as it was said before, he decided to tell the girl the truth. He asked her to meet with him one more time to say a nice goodbye to each other and for some reason she agreed.

They met again and he was telling her explicitly that he wasn’t attracted to her at all, her look wasn’t his cup of tea, and her way of speaking wasn’t very pleasant and even offending most of the times. As a matter of fact, he said that he wouldn’t ever choose such a girl to be his wife. The point was, he said, that she was very wealthy and could help him with his financial issues…

Not only was it the first time that the young lady was listening carefully and with a lot of interest to the person in front of her but it was also the first time she was thinking about her manners and her look more seriously. She suddenly realized that the only man who wanted her was ugly and stupid!! To make things worse, he didn’t want her either!! He wanted her money.

She thanked him for the informative explanation and said good bye to him. In fact, it was strange for her to thank someone because she wasn’t really familiar with the word 'thank you'.

There was another great insight that caught her. This man was her perfect foil!!! Is that how she looks?? Is that how she speaks??

She decided to change!!

She decided not to date with any more guys until people start to compliment her look and her manners. It took a whole year until she dated again and the first one she wanted to date was that poor guy. She just wanted to thank him again…

Although she found her deep inner self, she hasn't found her suitor yet… 

The End

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