A person is wrongly emprisoned and seeks to set his life right

Trapped in a web of lies, a large cage, a doorless room. This was correct, true, on three counts, he was trapped, due to something he did not do, or more accurately...

Something he did do, albeit unwillingly, he did it to save his family, who despite his efforts, couldn't be saved. He was useless, pointless, never to recieve redemption.

And all he could do now was sit there in his cell shamed, lifeless. He was unable to live and wanted to die, but here in his cell, they made him live, the word live a shell of its meaning. He had lived a long time, so long, much longer than the men who guarded his doorless cell quite pointlessly, though he stayed just as young, the yeaes refraining from showing on his battered and bruised face. Nobody would ever know how he felt; to have lived so long, seen so much, but done so little.

He was little more than a hamster or even a goldfish, he was in a five foot square dungeon of a room, which had perfectly smooth walls, which reached upwards, high until it reached a small hatch at the top of the wall, from which he was given food, or very rarely new clothes or bedsheets.

All that he had was a a bed which he sat in day after day... wasting away.

The End

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