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williegirl13’s blog: August 9, 2613            10:17 a.m.

Topic: [Re: Thnx for the BF probs] Boyfriend problems


            Let’s call this “boyfriend,” um, Jack. And lets just ramble on about him for a while to throw the Coriansens off track. What’s he like, how old is he, how tall is he, what’s he look like, etc, etc…Okay. Good enough. I really don’t feel like writing any more. You don’t have to answer the questions, but you can if you want to make it seem more realistic.

            Now I understand your screen name – Stela is short for Lastelle, and you’re “disappearing” because it seems like you’re forgetting your identity. Combine them, and you get steladisappearing. Oh, and to bombard you with more questions…how many other exiles are there in America? Why are you sent there in the first place? Why are you forgetting your name?

            Ok. I think that’s enough random questions for now.

            (Oh, and sorry about the late response. Had to take my Younger, Juliette, to her friend’s hose, and then I had to be a temporary Older for a new Younger. Again, sorry.)


            “Willie!” a soft voice calls. “I’m home!”

            I smile. “Hey, Juliette. Did you have fun at Lucille’s?”

            She twirls around. “Lots of fun. Vinnie made cookies and Lulu and I got to taste-test them!”

            Vinnie, six months younger than me, is Lucille “Lulu” Gerner’s Older. Vinnie’s nice, but she can only be described as dull – she struggles to keep up with even the ninth-year classes. I feel sorry for her, but she’s really not my type of friend.

            I hear a beep and my phone appears before me. In a mechanical monotone, it drones, “You have one new message from Victoria Mariette. Press pound to listen.”

            I press the required button and bring the phone to my ear. “Hi, Willie!” I hear. V’s voice is more energetic than usual. “I’m back from France and I was wondering if you’d like to come over. Bring Juliette if she’s free – Nora would love to play with someone.”

            Here I hear Nora scream, “Yay!” and I laugh.

            “So, yeah, call me back. I’ll be waiting!”

            Some of her excitement has rubbed off onto me, and I tap out her number quickly. The phone rings only once before I hear her voice. “Willie!”

            “Hey, Victoria!”

            “So, you want to come over? Ugh, I feel like a poodle!”

            I giggle, feeling like Juliette – in other words, not at all like an almost-eighteen. “Are you crazy? Of course I want to come over! I can’t wait to see you again! And Juliette just got home from Vinnie’s, so she’ll join me. You know her; she never passes up a chance to play with her friends. She’s only ten, after all.”

            It’s her turn to laugh. “That’s great! I can’t wait! Hey – that rhymes!”

            “So we’ll talk about Stela there?”

A pause. “Be quiet,” she hisses. “You never know if the line is being tapped.”

    “Sorry,” I answer meekly.

    She’s back to her bubbly self again. “But yeah, of course we’ll talk about your boyfriend problems! I’ll see you in five minutes?”

    “Sure. In five!”

    She hangs up and I turn around as the phone disappears. “Juliette, get over here! We’re going to Victoria’s house. You’ll get to see Nora again!”


    We step into the short-distance teleporter in our home, and then we’re shooting through nothingness.

The End

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