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williegirl13’s blog: August 8, 2613            12:02 p.m.

Topic: [Re: The Trials] Wait a second…


            What do you mean, steladisappearing – or can I just call you Stela for short? Have you already undergone The Trials? No offense, but I don’t see how that can be possible. After all, the Coriansens don’t let people who have passed the test communicate with those of us here on Earth, and there simply are no computers in America. Forgive me if this is, like, violating your security or something, but…Oh, whatever. By the way, what’s your name? I mean, you know mine, but I don’t know yours. Unless it’s another security issue or something. Then I’ll just call you Stela. Oh, and one more question (which is really, like several mini-questions): What is the test like? How long does it take? Why is it hell? What is it all about?


            I sigh. This Stela person is strange, no doubt. How in the Coriansen realm – no, the universe – can she know what the tests are like? Nobody – nobody – knows about it, except for the Coriansens, who control us, and the people who’ve taken it – but they’re not allowed to communicate with us.

            A little bit about me: I’m pretty short for my age, with long auburn hair that’s always in a braid. I have gray eyes, I’m vegetarian, my favorite color is orange, and I live in England. My “family” consists of eight people: George, Carrie, Philip, Max, Ray, Ian, Juliette, and yours truly. Victoria – or V as I sometimes call her, though never to her face; she despises nicknames – is my best friend and shares a birthday with me, which I’m thrilled about. Sure, I don’t like the test, but at least I means neither of us will be waiting for the other to take it. I love to read, especially real, paper books – DigiBooks are so overrated, I just can’t see why people enjoy them so much – and I’m a history freak. No joke – I love history. I have to keep it a secret from V though. I’m afraid she’ll think I’m strange if I tell her, so I have to keep it to myself. I have a feeling she’s keeping a secret or two from me, too, but I can’t be sure.

            My family is wonderful. It’s one of the largest, because we have eight people, not the average six. There are five types of people in the Coriansen Realm, which consists of Earth and the moon. Olders and Youngers live on Earth – well, the main part of Earth. Olders take care of Youngers seven years younger than them. Olders are eleven to seventeen years old; Youngers are four to ten. Youngers have no birthday until they’re “adopted” by Olders, and then they take the birthday of their Older. Nobody is known to be related unless they’re twins, and because twins can’t be separated in the Realm until they’re 18, they live in larger families. This is the case in our family – Max and Ray are twins. Families take the last names from the “mother,” or the almost-eighteen girl, so the only people who change their names are the new additions to families. Oddly enough, no one even has a name until they’re four years old, then their eleven-year-old Older names them. My Older, Misha Montgomery, had a bit too much fun naming me. I mean, honestly, Wilhelmina? Get real!

            Other people are Exiles, littles, and adults. Adults, people eighteen and over who pass the test, live in the moon colony Indu with the littles, who are people under four years old, and they’re sent down to Earth when they reach their fourth birthday. Exiles are adults who fail The Trials and live in America – the least known place in all the Coriansen Realm. America was wiped out 657 years ago by a nuclear bomb – and probably everybody in the Realm, though it wasn’t called that then, would have been killed if Indu hadn’t already begun. That was in 2056.

            I glance at my computer again. Victoria and Stela have both replied – and Stela has answers.

The End

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