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Lastelle Aurora Tyerra







            It was dark, so dark. I could feel my blood dripping off my leg, where the shark had bitten me. I dragged my leg after me, limping aimlessly. I wondered which trial was next; I didn’t know if I could take much more. It started to rain and I saw lightning in the distance. My heart filled with terror as drops of water started to plaster my red curls to my head. I wildly looked around, trying to spot a shelter in the dark, but I saw none. I tried to cover myself with my arms, attempting to shield myself from the rain; however, I still felt cold drops landing on my arms and legs. I looked up and saw the lightning getting closer, and I tried to run away. Then I felt an excruciating pain, like being burned from the inside out. A flash of light; blackness; a voice saying, “You have failed, and, therefore, you have been exiled.”


            I wake up in a cold sweat, my body shivering so hard that it’s a challenge to breathe. I glance around and see my couch, stove, sink, fridge, pantry, and the door that leads to the bathroom. Beyond that is another door, cleverly hidden in the wall with a tiny keyhole near the bottom that nobody will spot. It’s my secret room, which holds my computer, the only one in America. I shakily step out of bed, cautiously putting my feet on the cold wood floor, and make my laboriously slow way to the bathroom. I look into the mirror and see tangled curls. My green eyes still show the wildness of my night demons. I then walk to the far wall and take a key out of my pocket, inserting it into the lock. I hear the tumblers click, and I open the door. Inside is a little table with my computer on it and a solitary chair. I hack onto the Sky City Internet (SCI) and go to my blog.


steladisappearing’s blog: August 8, 2613            9:48 a.m.

Topic: [Re: 18 Fast Approaching] The Trials


     The trials are something we’re told about all our lives. They are things spoken in hushed whispers in a fearful tone. No one except those who have taken the test or are conducting the test knows what exactly it is, only that it will determine our future and that if you fail it’s very bad. We know we’re sent to Earth for school when we’re four years old, to prepare for The Trials, meaning we have no parents, unless we pass The Trials and go back up to the moon to live with them. We all want to know what happens once we step into that building. Let me tell you, it’s hell.

The End

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