seeking sense

A poem written after the annual Remembrance & Independence Days. Was quite hard to write it, as it is a very emotional topic for me, and hard to deal with every time.


Tell me old man; is that what you had in mind?

When you stood on your head that day on the beach

Is this what you wished to find?

Perhaps because it was all upside down, it seemed straight in your eyes

Because I tell you what, it isn't straight, it is twisted

And doesn't seem at all wise.

What sensible person builds his home among foes?

Destines his nation to a life soaked with tears

Did you think about that when you chose?

Babies are born and then turn 18

And Instead of holding beer and a pen

Learn how to kill with an M-16

And nothing's changed for 60 years

Same hopes, same dreams,

Same worries, same fears

Reality is still unreal, to the eyes of a stranger

Who can never fully grasp

Why do we keep on living in danger

What are we fighting for (?)

Can one answer?

A piece of land, old promise, pride, or…?

And I won't lie, old man, daydreamer,

It isn't easy here sometimes, and doesn't always makes sense

But it's the only place in the world for me

I just don't have anywhere else.

The End

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