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Nadya Mason was raised in a strict Christian household. Expected to act, say, and do things in a certain way, never step out of line or rebel. By eighteen she has gone through a number of life problems, one thing after another, and one the verge of a complete breakdown.
Ezra Jordan dedicates his life to his church and being a Christian. He spends his free time helping out with charities and organizations for those going through hard times. After meeting Nadya he is determined to help her r

Nadya Mason stood looking out at the old rusted up wind mill as it creaked when a gust of August wind blew gently in the evening. She could hear the shutters lightly banged open and close and the wind chimes playing a magical tune while the slightly warn cherry floors, chilled from the dropping temperatures were cold under her feet. She turned and looked around the room as all past memories filled her mind. Memories of her and her family sitting around the mahogany dining room set having a meal together like all the other families in town. In the next room over she could imagine sitting in front of the fireplace with her sister telling stories and warming up from the cold, winter snow. Letting out a frustrated sigh, she made her way up the stairs to where she had once shared a bedroom with her twin sister. The room had cherry hardwood flooring, all the surrounding walls were a light shade of violet. The room that had once been a pristine and sterile was now covered in dust, the walls that had, at one time been covered with family photos is now bare. Just like all the other rooms in the house, everything inside is now backed neatly into labeled boxes ready to be removed from the old family farmhouse. Exiting the room, Nadya heads back down the stairs and into the sitting room. " Nadya. I am so sorry. I tried everything I could think of to help you out. The bank and the collection agency are getting impatient. We understand you are still grieving but life has to go on. Have you found somewhere to live yet?" The woman sitting across the table asks. " No, not yet. I thought I'd just drive until I came across something then get back to you. Every place I have tried to get I've been denied or it's out of my price range." Nadya states taking a seat in the other chair. " OK. Well they're giving less than a week to get moved out and hand over the keys to this place. Have you found anyone to help or any place to store it?" Woman asks sifting through a stack of papers. " I rented out a storage building for the next eighteen months. I hope it doesn't take that long but I didn't really have much of a choice there either." Nadya replies. " Alright well I need you to fill these papers out and sign these over here then I will be out of your hair for the day. I really am sorry I couldn't help more but I wish you the best of luck." the lady says sliding over the two stacks of forms.

Six hours after the woman had been gone Nadya finally finishes up packing the last of the boxes. Tomorrow would be the day that everything would start being transferred in to the storage locker and then would be the beginning of a top to bottom cleaning spree. At the top of the stairs she stares down and the sea of boxes below, wishing it didn't have to come to this. Wishing that she didn't have to letting go of the last place of memories of what use to be the one place she and her sister loved most. The home where she and here sister were born and the home in which her siter had passed on. Tears threatening to fall, Nadya turned from the boxes and retreated to what once had been the room she had shared with her sister, she would spend this one night in that room, if only to hold one to that memory one final time.

The sound of violent pounding on the door awakened Nadya from her restless slumber. The pounding continued on until she began walking down to the front door. Yanking it open she stands face to chest with her neighbor. " What is it?" she asks irritated at having been woken up. " I wanted to let you know that someone dropped by yesterday while you were out. They dropped off this package. Said something about telling you they were sorry. Then they left. No name, nothing." The man says pushing out a box towards her. " What is it?" she asks curiously taking the box from his hands. " Don't know. Don't really care. I have to go now." He states shortly, then turns to head back to the house next door.. " By the way, I would appreciate it, if while you're loading up your things tomorrow, if would be so kind as to do it quickly and quietly. Some of us around her need our sleep, we have actual lives and jobs to get on with." With that said he enters his home, slamming the door in the process. Sighing, she walks back inside closing the door behind her. Not wanting to deal with anything she places the box with the rest of her things and heads into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, within a few hours some of her movers begin showing up.

" Morning Jacob, Nate, Jesse." Nadya yells from the porch stairs as the guys make their way up the walk way. " Morning. You have anymore of that coffee." Jacob asks taking the stairs two at a time. " I do. Fresh pot by the stove." She replies as he kisses her cheek and makes his way to the kitchen. " Morning beautiful." Nate and Jesse says each giving her a hug then following Jacob inside. " SO, where do you want to start with all this loading. The kitchen, dining room, or just anywhere." Jesse asks turning to face her as he drains the last of the coffee. " Outside. That way we don't trip over the porch and lawn furniture. Then we can start at the front of the house and work our way to the back and finally the upstairs. If that's alright." Nadya tells them as she washes up their cups, drying and packing them into the kitchen box. " Sounds like a plan. If you and the guys will bring it to the truck, I'll load it all in and strap it down." Nate says heading towards the front porch grabbing a few of the outdoor items on his way.

" Jacob Bradley! I know you did not just break whatever was in that box!" Nadya yells after hearing shattering sound one room over. " No dear. I did not just break that priceless china dish you worked so hard to buy." Jacob yells back from the other room, laughing as he cleaned up some of the broken records. " What did you break then?" She asks from the doorway. " Those old records we found in storage a while back." He replies shrugging his shoulders. " Oh well. Those weren't even good anyways." she says walking away.

"Girl, I never realized just how much stuff your family accumulated all these years. It's like I never want to see another moving box again." Nate says laying back onto the grass with a soft thud. " I know. I mean where did all that even come from anyways. I never seen anyone with so much junk." Jesse adds joining him. " Awe stop complaining boys you sound like a bunch of whining little kids." Jacob replies leaning up against the gate rolling his eyes at his friends. " Sorry to leave you hear alone but we really have to go. If you ever need us give us a call alright." He says to Nadya as he walks over to her, kicking Jesse and Nate in the sides. " Yeah.We'll see you soon. Alright." they reply each giving her a hug and heading to the truck. " Thanks guys.If I don't see you before I leave I want you to know I love and appreciate you guys." " You'll see us. Don't worry. We love you too." They reply then drive off.




                The last stop before leaving was to meet with her sister’s lawyer to go over the will.  Being that she and her sister’s ex-husband, Seth, were the only two family she had left, what little that was left of Leslie’s possessions would be divided between the two of them.  Pulling into the small parking lot she put the car into park and sat there, this would be the last time she had to deal with the heartache left behind by her family, all she had to do was sign some papers and take what belonged to her. With a sated sigh, she opened the door and exited her car. Halfway up the walkway she spots Seth, standing outside by the porch railing. His dark hair recently cut for her sister’s funeral, looking as if he had been running his fingers through it repeatedly. His eyes, still showing the same sorrow that had begun making itself known just months before their divorce. Nadya hadn’t known the details of what had destroyed their marriage just the bits and pieces that had been obvious to everyone. Seth had been an amazing husband and brother-in-law; whatever had gone on, she knew without a doubt, was mostly caused by her sister.

     Taking a deep breath, Nadya made her walk up the path to the porch causing her brother-in-law to look in her direction. “Morning Seth.” Nadya says walking up to hug him. “Morning Nadya. How are you holding up?” He asks holding on a little longer before easing her back. “I’m fine. How about you?” She questions taking in his appearance. One look and she came up with rough; everything was taking its toll on him.  “I’m hanging in there. You know taking it one day at a time.” He replies looking towards the woods and away from her eyes. “You ready to get this thing done and over with?” He adds looking back at her. “More than you know. I loved my sister, still do, but I just need to put this all behind me. And I know, just by looking at you that you need a break from it all.” She confides sadly. “Alright, let’s get this over with then.” Seth nods to the door.

     After the reading of the will, Nadya sat there in silence before looking over to Seth. “Did you know about this?” She asks him confused. “Who do you think gave her the idea? I knew when I saw the letter telling her that they were taking the house that it was the right thing to do. If I had known sooner that she hadn’t been using the money I gave her to pay for the house I would’ve done it myself. I knew that when the house was awarded to her it hurt you because it meant much more to you than it did to her. I tried to convince her that we could get a new place if she would sign it over but she was just always so hardheaded. After we divorce, that’s when I found the letter, I confronted her. We were meeting to go over who got what and I knew that with her failing health that after she was gone you would be left without a place to go. I knew it was wrong after the way you had been taking care of her and doing everything you could to make sure she didn’t have to do anything. I knew that someone needed to do something. We agreed that since it was her that made the mistakes and me that didn’t see what was going on in front of my face, it was the least we could do.” Seth explained nervously. “Seth, you do realize that I am a grown woman, right. That it’s my responsibility to take care of myself no matter the circumstances. I don’t want you thinkin’ that you have to take care of me I any way. Do I appreciate you trying to help me? Yes. Do I want you think that you have to make anything up to me? No.” Nadya  reminds him. “I do know. Nevertheless, with everything you have done for us both, I just feel like we needed to do something for you. When we were together, even after the divorce, you were there taking care of not just one of us but both. You could’ve just gone on but you didn’t. You put your life on hold and came running. This is our way of taking care of you. We both wanted you to have a place to call your own. I hope that you aren’t angry that we did it and I hope you like the place.” He says trying to get his point across. “I really appreciate what you’ve done for me. I’m sure I will love it there. Thank you.” She replies knowing that nothing she says will change anything. “I hope you can get on with your life, get back to what you had or what you now want. And Nadya, if there is anything you ever need don’t hesitate to call or come back. You’re family and always welcome anytime.” He adds pulling her in for a hug. “Same goes for you Seth. You know where to find me, how to reach me. Maybe one day you’ll come for a visit.” She replies pulling away and headed towards her car.

The End

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