Mira Eileena Coriansen







    I hear a rather loud knock at the door of my cozy home at five in the morning. I answer it and spot one of the rarely seen officials of the City in the Sky.

    “You are aware that it is your birthday, August 8, 2613. You have turned 18 and now we must take you to The Trials,” he says in a monotone, for there is no doubt that he has said this phrase at least a million times before, with just a different date.

    “Please just let me change and I’ll be…”

    He cuts me off. “No need to change – they will give you clothes at the office.”

    “Oh. Okay.”

    I close the door to the house that I know I will never see again. I hope the next occupant will find the corner filled with names and messages that have been written there through time by hundreds of others. It is a corner of forbidden history and personal facts. Amazingly, all the people who have written on the wall are Coriansens like me. I can still remember what I wrote two days ago, knowing that I would leave for The Trials on my birthday. In purple ink, my favorite, I wrote:


    Hi newbie. I’m Mira Eileena Coriansen. I have The Trial in a few days on August 8, 2613. I just want to let you know about the secret door behind the refrigerator. Just lift up the red tile with a kitchen knife, and remember to lock the front door so no one can discover this secret. Go down the stairs with a light (even though I used a candle since I hate fluorescent lights J) and you will find a wonderful library of hidden lore on The Trials and many other things. Enjoy! And remember to write on this wall to continue the history started by your predecessors.


    The official leads me to his car. I open the passenger door and slip in, trying not to cringe. During the entire ride to the Stairs to the Sky building I concentrate on not throwing up. When he parks, I get out as fast as I can. He leads me to the entrance, leaving me alone in the waiting room but for a secretary moving her fingers across a holotype keyboard with lightning speed.

    Soon she looks up and spots me. “Please take and fill out a survey, then give it back to me when you’re done.” She indicates a clipboard and goes back to typing as I stare at the questions.

    As I scan it, I notice a lot of the questions are weird, like my favorite color and favorite music. There also is no title. I unclip the pen from the top of the clipboard and begin to fill in the blanks.


What is your name?  Mira Eileena Coriansen

When is your birthday and what is your age? August 8, 2595; 18

What was your house number? 1

What are your hobbies? Writing, reading, singing, laughing, dancing, riding cows

Do you cry often? For what reasons? Yes. No reason; tiredness, staring at TW or computer, laughing, happiness

What is your favorite color? Purple

What is your eye color? Black

What is your natural hair color? Red

What is your current hair color (optional)? Lilac petal

What do you fear? Electric and fluorescent lights, swarms of flies, smoke, fire, stilettos, cars, bananas

What is your height? 6’ 3”

What is your weight? 141.5 lbs

Skin color? Alabaster

Nose? Aquiline

Style? Modern Victorian; corsets, above knee skirts and petticoats, off-shoulder blouses

What is your favorite genre of music? Ancient cultural songs

What do you know about the Sky Cities and the royal family? There are two Sky Cities. The Sky City of Iridia is located on a cloud that floats above Earth; it is home to the royals. The other Sky City, Anan, contains the noble families who serve in the Government of All Beings (GOAB). All other adults and children under 4 live on the moon colony Indu.

What does your mark look like?


 (the mark is MEC, the M and E connected, with a crown on top)



    I wake up in a lavishly decorated room. Everything is purple. I get up, hardly groggy, though I struggle to free myself from the ocean of blankets. I peer around a doorway to make sure it is what I think it is, a bathroom. I know the theme of this room is purple but having a purple tinged mirror is just a little too extreme, even for a person who believes they have a purple heart with purple blood running through their veins, like moi.

    As I look at my purpley self in the mirror I notice that my eyes have a purple look to them. And I know it is not the mirror, because my eyes are much brighter than the tint could ever make them. Not only is that just plain weird, but it also sets off my hair, which is not looking too great (even through a purple mirror) since I haven’t dyed it in a while.

    I splash some water (PURPLE WATER!!!!!!) on my face. It smells like lavender. The scent is so good I’m inspired to take a bath. I take off the clothes I slept in – that same pj’s I wore to bed last night. Stepping into the bathtub, which is huge and deep, I can spread out my arms like the Vitruvian man and still not touch the marble edges. The water pools around me, filling my cramped, sleepy bones with energy and warmth. When my whole body is completely inundated by water I turn the tap and just sink in.

    After I have finished my bath and have gotten dressed I go down to the waiting room and wait, like I had been told to do yesterday before I was sent to my room. The secretary has finished typing (it seems like she never ever ever stops typing) she presses a purple button next to the computer. The button is pretty much the only thing with color in the entire room. Then a man opens a set of glass doors located behind the secretary’s desk. He walks up to me his short legs moving robotically, precise, his black shoes clicking.

    “Voold you pleez fellew meh?” he says; a French accent adding to his look of primness in a black, impeccable suit. 

The End

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