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Marie seemed up aware of the damage level of her clothing as she tilted her head to the side curiously.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re cloths! It looks like someone attacked you!”

Taking a moment she analyzed her attire with and subtle ‘oh’.

“It was nothing I just fell or something.”

Victoria shook her head in disbelief. Though her cloths were badly tattered there were no visible bruises, cuts or any form of wound. It was like she fell out of a tree and received on bodily damage at all.

“Of course you did.”
“Um… Torie…”She seemed even more timid as she twiddled her thumbs.

“I seemed to have lost my key… do you mind if I bunk with you for the day until the landlady gets me a new one.”

Victoria cringed, it wasn’t the idea of her friend sleeping on her couch but rather the idea that the landlady might show up at her door. Mses. Benson was not a woman you wanted checking up on you. She was a demon of a woman with horns, fangs, forked tongue, and breath of fire. Truly a monster of monsters and ruler of this plane of hell that served as home to a host of many different types of people of all ‘trades’ of life.

“Sure, but you get to answer the door.”

The End

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