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The conversation ended as they went their separate ways, but just because she was walking away didn’t mean she was deaf.

“Looks like we’ve lost his trail. He’s probably retreated for the day by now.”

“Damn him.”

“However the girl might be his target for tonight, so we should keep a close eye on her.”

Deciding that it was best to hurry along and do her shopping before she ran into anyone else Victoria entered a large supply store that had just about everything she needed.

The clerk gave her an odd stare as she rang up Victoria’s items. Hydrogen peroxide, duct tape, wire, knife sharpener, garbage bags, zip ties, and some rat poison. Victoria wasn’t sure as to the extent of what she thought of her purchase but she had an idea that it wasn’t good by her cautious stance.

In reality the peroxide was for when she tended to accidently cut her fingers while working her project since she sometimes needed to fix the pieces with a knife, the knife sharpener of course was for said knife, duct tape was for various other things around the apartment, the wire to help support the model and hold it up, garbage bags for garbage obviously, and the zip ties to hold some of the model together as it cures.

The rat poison however was for the little pest that kept eating her cereal, stealing her stuff, and oddly enough also eating her bars of soap. She sighed as the woman clerk looked at her like she was some murderer.

“Have a nice day.” The woman squeaked out.

Did she really look like a killer? She supposed anyone could be a murderer, but never thought anyone would view her that way. Victoria was rather surprised since it had been a while since anyone had truly looked at her out of caution.

Returning to her small quaint abode it was really no surprise that she had one final person to run into. Marie, Victoria’s literal next door neighbor happened to be climbing the same stairs as her at the same time.

“Hey Torie.” The shy girl called out while maintaining her distance and presence in the shadows.

Marie was average height unlike the short Victoria. Chestnut hair that flowed freely to her shoulders often framing her pale face, and Hazel eyes. Her posture was most often slouched and nervous and she preferred to remain in the shadows. Reclusive and ever mysterious most people avoided her but she and Victoria seemed to get along well. Marie was friendly once you got to know her just rather shy, even shyer than Victoria herself; if you could call the temperamental Victoria shy.

Victoria started to reply a hello but was caught off guard by the girl’s appearance. Her clothes were tattered and torn as if swiped by claws, her pants were ripped at the knees and torn at the ends, and she didn’t have on any shoes or socks.

“What happened to you?!”

The End

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