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Deciding that there was some logical explanation that she wasn’t going to bother finding out and that going after him would not only be a waste of time but dangerous, so she moved on. Victoria just hoped he wouldn’t become her stalker as someone of his size wasn’t easy to ward off.

Undeterred Victoria would continue on with her day like another. First up on her list was more supplies for her project. Victoria carried on down the side walk, but perhaps today just wasn’t her day since she seemed to be running into a lot of people this morning.

Or rather this time they ran into her; luckily she saw the two men as they rounded the corner or she might have been knocked to the ground again.

“Watch it!” She growled out as they shoved past her.

Probably not the best idea. They stopped, pausing for a moment before turning to her. One of them was a younger man with light brown hair, tanned skin, and brown eyes. The other was an elderly man, worn with a few visible scars, greying hair and beard. Both were dressed darkly in heavy coats reaching their ankles and various winter wear.

The youngest reached out, grabbing Victoria’s wrist preventing her from fleeing.

“Hey girl, did you see a man come this way!”

Victoria balled her fist; she had half a mind to outright punch him in the face. She pulled away but he refused to release her.

“That’s enough Ryan. Let her go and be patient.”

Reluctantly Ryan released his hold. Victoria pulled her hand back and rubbed her now sore wrist.

“Excuse my grandson but he’s rather inpatient.” The old man chuckled. “Have you seen the man we are looking for? He’s a rather tall man, black hair, and light skin. Probably wearing sunglasses this morning and dark clothing. Any information would be very helpful.”

“You mean tall dark and creepy?”

“Um…yes, I suppose that would be him.”

“He went that way” She pointed down the path she had just come from. “But his tracks suddenly stop at an alley between two apartment buildings.”

The duo gave each other a questioning glance.

“That doesn’t strike you as odd?” Ryan inquired.

“Sure it does, but I’m not about to go investigating some guy that can suddenly disappear. Being murdered or raped in some alley way really isn’t on my ‘to do’ list for today, sorry.”

“Sarcastic little-

He started to tell her something smart but was silenced by his grandfather.
“Just one more question then we’ll be on our way.” The old man cleared his throat. “Did he speak to you?”

Victoria was hesitant. Really it was none of their business, but if telling them would allow her to move on with her day any faster then so be it.

“Yeah, he said to be careful at night and somehow knew my name.”

“I see, thank you.”

The End

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