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“Sorry I didn’t mean to bump into you.” The words came out a little harsher as she returned the glare.

On the inside she was practically cowering under his gaze but didn’t allow it to outwardly show. Clad in black and over all mysterious he was the last type of person she wanted to run into. Victoria couldn’t tell how old he was; though he appeared older than her by far there wasn’t a line on his smooth pale face. His cloths were winter wear but were loosely draped over his form as if he really wasn’t all that cold.

Tall, dark, and creepy she could only hope he didn’t jump her and drag her into an equally dark and scary alley. Part of her wondered if he was holding his breath as he walked away due to the lack of hot air clouds in the cold air. His glare seemed to fade and she caught the faintest of smiles on his face.

“You should be more careful. There are innumerable amount of things that can happen to one such as yourself this early in the morning.”

His voice was strong and smooth like liquid gold rolling off his tongue and she might have been mesmerized if she didn’t feel that he’d just threatened her. Did he? It sure felt like it, his voice was just so pleasing to the ears she wasn’t sure.

“I’ll do that. Thank you.” ‘Why did I just thank him for threatening me?!’

“If you’ll excuse me I must be on my way.” He smirked. “Do be careful Victoria on your way, especially at night.”

“I will thanks.” Victoria cheerfully stated as she waved by before turning to walk away. ‘Wait a minute!’

Quickly she turned back in the direction he had wandered off to.

“Hey!” Victoria shouted. “How do you know my…name…?” And why was she so cheerful about it?

She was definitely surprised to see that he was gone. Victoria found that his tracks abruptly stopped in a dark and imposing alley. Literally they just stopped as there were no prints in the snow covering the alley.


The End

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