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Taking well over two hours to get ready for the day Victoria finally made her way out of the apartment to the cold streets. Clad in winter wear consisting of a hefty coat, black gloves, cap to cover her ears, jeans, and simple shoes she was as ready as ever for the Rochester snow. Having made sure to collect her mail before leaving Victoria shuffled through various junk, singling out her annual report card and letter from her uncle.

Still treading along the thick snow that went about half way up her legs with every step Victoria tucked the report card into her laptop bag that was slung over her shoulder and tore into the envelope. As always the letter was accompanied with a check that equaled out to about a thousand U.S dollars. Tucking the check away, which she would eventually get to cashing, she unfolded the letter.

Dearest Victoria,

Your grades as usual are outstanding and I am proud of you. I hope you are doing well in other tasks and not just at the university. It would be nice if you would write back to me once in a while to let me know how you are doing.

Due to work your sister and I will be unable to visit you again but you will receive another letter on your birthday from us. I am sorry but we will try again next year to visit you. I’d send your sister alone but as you know she was promoted at the beginning of this year and has much work to do and is behind. You are both like your mother in that you are talented hard workers, but compulsive slackers.

She gives her regards and wished to see you but is unfortunately unable.

Don’t stay out to late.


Your loving uncle & sister

Victoria just sighed after folding the letter back up; she’d just toss it with the others in her drawer that seemed to start coming in the moment she could read. Honestly the entire drawer was full of apology letters stating that they wouldn’t be able to come see her that year either. Even if she already knew what they all were going to say she’d still read it and keep them for some odd reason.

Not that it mattered, she’d just go about her business as usual. Victoria was tucking the letter away when she felt as though she’d just walked into a brick wall. With an ‘oof’ she stumbled backwards into the snow. Positive that she didn’t run into a pole but a person Victoria immediately started to apologize.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see…you… there…”

She trailed off as their eyes met. Or might have met had he not been wearing dark blue reflective sunglasses. Victoria could feel his harsh glare on her as the air around them seemed to grow even colder. She stood and dusted the snow off.

The End

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