Only HumanMature

We live our whole lives strutting about naive and arrogant. Often completely ignorant to what lies just beyond the boundary of reality to fiction.
Mere frogs parading in front of vipers...

"Who are you really when all you see in your reflection is someone you don't want to be?"

It was unbearably cold, quiet, and still in the small room. Plain white walls, empty bookshelves, and clear dresser tops made up the entirety that was the apartment bed room. A twin bed sat in the center with several layers of blankets thrown over the figure that lay with in the soft fortitude. Curled in a tight ball with the covers tightly wrapped around her small form she groaned as her eyes met the alarm clock.

Morning had come and once again she had stayed up late and awoke before the alarm could even break the cold silence. Her eyes narrowed at the time device in an icy stare as if to make time halt for even a moment. Time however yields to no man nor woman and ticked steadily onward. Turning off the device would be the best thing to do however it was far to cold to reach out from her fortress of warmth and solitude.

Rolling over in bed she pulled the covers even tighter as her defense against the cold winter morning.It wasn't but mere moments before the alarm saw fit to alert her to the time. It's consistent pestering earning a groan from under the blankets before she slammed her hand down upon the box silencing the tone that haunted her mornings to this day.

Shuddering from the cold the early riser finally managed to pull herself from the bed and hobble into the bathroom across the hall in her blue winter ready pajamas. A frown marred her face as she blew her bangs out of her eyes. Her scowl only seemed to deepen as her eyes met those of her reflection.

Golden blonde untameable hair that appeared slightly spiked by stray stands. Cropped short it hugged her head and neck  barely reaching the shoulders. Bangs swayed across her round face with fair seemingly sun deprived skin.

Slim and short she practically had to stand on her tows to reach the bottles behind the mirror that somehow manged to make its way to the top shelf. Downing two pills with a glass of and declaring herself ready to start getting ready for the day.

Victoria, that was the name her mother had given her. She was a woman of similar stereotypical form or at least as far as she could remember. Entering the living area which was bordered by the small kitchen, divided only by the transition from carpet to tile. Overall the rest of the apartment wasn't so different from the room. Plain, dusty, and lacking in memorable photos or decorations.

Laid all over and around a coffee table that Victoria neared where various drawings, designs, and modeling equipment. Plopping on the carpet she merely laid her head back on the couch at her back with a heavy sigh. Today was going to be a painfully slow and agonizing, she could already feel it.

The End

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