I'm DangerousMature

"No," I was firm about it. And then I made the mistake of looking into her wide, pitiful eyes. Her bottom lip trembled slightly. She was unusually still, and quiet.

"P-p-please Cuska. I won't make any trouble I promise, I might even help you. Like when we escaped..." she trailed off and her eyes filled with tears. "Or I could just- you know, jump off a cliff or something."

"Oh all right then, gosh, suicidal much?" Her lip trembled again. "Oh Zuka babe, I didn't mean it. i'm just so glad to be free. What about you?"

She blinked, "I just want to be with you-"

"No, no and never. You can't, I can't, we can't, I mean it's just..." I grabbed her in my arms and kissed her. She knotted her fingers in my hair and pulled me closer. I sighed. I had never been able to resist when she looked sad. I tightened my grip on her and lifted her up ever so slightly. It was the easiest way to kiss her, she was so small. I pulled away.

"You're trouble, with a capital T." she grinned her I know grin and took my hand and pulled me towards a foresty area. "Where do you think we're going?" I asked tugging her towards the desert landscape.

"I work best in forests, deserts don't do much and offer little food or shelter."

Oh yeah, great idea. A boy who has a forked tongue and can grow scales agrees to take a girl with wide slanted cat eyes, a tail and fur with him away from mad scientists. I am such a genius.

The End

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