Alternate Ending 2

Tamara sighed and closed the window, hoping that the young girl was safe, wherever she was, when suddenly, there was a sharp knocking at her door and the doorbell going haywire. She quickly threw on her slippers and robe, and then bolted down the stairs. She opened up the door, and there, standing on her doorstep, was the little girl. “I’m here,” she whispered. “What do you want?”

Tamara narrowed her eyebrows, confused. “I’m sorry?” she asked, her voice tight with fear.

“You called me here. What do you want?” The little girl crossed her arms, a bored look in her now-rolling eyes.

“Does your mommy know you’re here?” Tamara asked, looking around for an adult to monitor this little girl, especially at this time of night…

“She wouldn’t care,” the little girl said, digging her toe into the ground. “So, back to MY question. Why am I here?”

A sharp wail rang out, and the little girl looked around hurriedly. “Explain!” she cried. “I don’t have much time!” Another scream burst through the night air, and the girl smiled sadly, her eyes tearing up. “Thanks,” she said with a shrug, then slunk to the ground, melting into a pile of clothes. She was gone…or so it seemed…

The End

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