Alternate Ending 1

Then, as she was about to close the window, still terrified, the little girl’s face was right in front of hers, stuck to the wall with her hands clasping the windowpane.  “Help me!” she screamed, pleading.  “I don’t want this! Please!”   Tamara shrieked loudly and tried to grab the little girl’s wrists, but her hands went straight through her arm.  “Help!” the girl cried again, one finger at a time slipping off of the pane.  One hand…and then…the other. The girl tumbled through the air, screaming, “I TRUSTED YOU!” all the way down…until a sickening crack rang out, followed by a groan.  Tamara looked to the grass, scanning it for the girl’s body and tears streaming down her cheeks, but the little girl was gone again.

The End

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