Seeing Things

The window was open again, Tamara Darnik realized with a groan.  Her toes curled in the cold as she rose to her feet to close it again.  She looked outside to pull the window shut, but something caught her eye and stopped her.  Down on the grass of her front lawn was a little girl, maybe seven or eight years old, with choppy blond hair.  She was on her knees, facing the house and a grimace over her lips.  She looked left, then right, and then blinked.  No, the little girl was still there, only a little bit closer to the house.  Now afraid, Tamara’s heart rate quickened and her body shook.  She blinked again, squeezing her eyes shut tight, but when she opened them again, the little girl was nowhere to be found.  Her eyes narrowed, looking around for the little girl, but seeing nothing. 

The End

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