Seeing the World through the eyes of another

Alaya is fifteen, and she has been blind her whole life.
She has long since been resigned to the fact that she will never see. She is used to it. She doesn't care.
Until... One day, Alaya meets a boy who inspires an emotion she thought she would never feel inside of her. Love.
And so starts Alaya's journey to get herself eyes. Too see, at last.

I often wonder what it is like being a girl who gets up each morning and thinks:

I wish I was skinnier..                                                                                                                                      


I wish I had nicer skin/hair/eyes/lips...

It must be easy being those girls. In my life, when I get up every morning, the one wish I make is not a trivial one. Not one that I might regret later, or a change that eventually come to like.

I wish that when I open my eyes, things will be different.

I wish that when I open my eyes, I'll be able to see...

I am Alaya Taylor, and I have been blind since birth.

The End

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