Seeing is Believing

Something which sprung from my fascination with the universe and outer space.


I've never felt so lost. I've never felt so alone.

The dark sky offers such a large consumption of your imagination, as nobody can be entirely certain of the cryptic lands that lie there. Every star, every planet, every glimpse of light presents the possibility of alien existence; are we really all lonesome in this vast cosmos?

There are so many theories. Theories are just theories, the mindset of crazy scientists. The same people who once claimed the world was flat, argued the law of Phlogiston, and were so self-centered as to say that the Earth was the middlemost point of the universe.  However they're also the same people, who put human beings on the surface of the moon, generally cured diphtheria and polio, and discovered the basic workings of our planet. What are we to trust?

You need to see, to really believe.

The End

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