When I got home from my jog, the sun was nearly over the top of the horizon and the sky was just turning spotlessly light blue. Maw was in the kitchen frying eggs in a skillet, and there were bacon strips and muffins set out on the table. I set the little pair of shoes on the doormat beside my own sneakers, and grabbed a slice of bacon on my way to a chair.

"How was your run?" Maw asked, setting the two fried eggs on a plate and sliding it in front of me. "The garden could use a good weeding this morning."

I swallowed, and washed the bite down with a swig of orange juice. "It was good," I answered slowly, "Hot, but..." Should I tell her about the shoes? For some reason, I decided not to. She might disapprove that I had taken them with me, or that I had let the boy go off alone. "I'll weed the garden after breakfast."

Maw patted me on the shoulder. "That's my girl," she said, smiling as she slipped into the seat across from me. "Your Paw also asked if you'd go down and help out at the seed store--just in case Cam needs a hand. I think he fears that buisness won't be quite as slow as he was hoping."

After breakfast, I carried the little brown shoes to my room and sat on my bed. It seemed odd that Johnny would have left them by the side of the road, and I decided to bring them to the clearing with me on my next jog in case he was there.

The End

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