Seedlings [draft 2]

Kind of a past/present compilation, the second version I've tried to write.

July 19, 1857


He pulled her towards him, weaving his strong fingers through her thick brown hair and kissing her, their lips running together and over eachother with a hidden passion. She clung to him as though she would never let go, and, indeed, she never wanted to.

"Just a few hours more," he whispered, "and we'll be free."

She nodded, listening to the hum of his heartbeat against her own. The little wooden clearing where they had always run away to was silent except for the faint rasps of her breaths, and the scuttle of wild animals in the undergrowth. But now, she knew, was the last time they would ever hold eachother in this place.

"Meet me here at midnight," Johnny whispered, "and we'll walk to Kentmire and catch the earliest train, and we'll go North. Louise, think of it: we'll have a house, and perhaps a farm, and--"

"And we'll have children," she added softly, fingering her slender stomach and imagining herself big with child. She knew that whatever happened after they had run away together would not be easy, and that she would never see Pa or her family again. But that didn't matter to her as much as knowing that she and Johnny would be together.

"I'll be here," she told him, and drew him towards her for a final long kiss before they parted.

The End

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