Seedant: Part TwoMature


         My eyes flew open, the last feelings of terror and adrenaline quickly fading from my body. I quickly rolled over and hit the light on my iPod dock. Black and white numbers glared back at me, temporarily blinding my tired eyes with three a.m. Eyes closed, my shaking fingers ran across the top of the dock to find the dimmer switch again and pressed it until the light was gone and my room faded back to darkness. Usually I found the dark comforting, but with the nightmare still freshly imprinted into my head, there was no way I'd find any solace in my old friend's embrace. Still slightly shaking from fear, I got out of bed and walked ungracefully across the room, tripping over empty boxes in the process. When I reached the other wall, I hit the switch on the zebra-striped plug in. The small light bulb added a dim light to my room, and the smell of the melting scented wax slowly began to infuse the air. Somehow, these two familiar things, small though they were, slowly began to dispel the still lingering terror. Able to breathe somewhat more easily, I walked back to my bed, being more wary of empty boxes this time, and grabbed the extra blanket from the foot of my bed and brought it back to the wall next to the dim light. Unsure if sleep would find me again, and who or what it would bring back with it, I leaned against the wall and pulled the blanket over me. As I stared blankly across my room, my eyelids slowly grew heavier and heavier and sleep quickly claimed me with her shadowy cloak.

The End

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