see, you've eyes of snow

  Look, girl, I'd hand you the moon on a thread of iron. Never to break. You know, all that silk you love is so delicate, how do you ever stay warm? Let me clothe you in sealskin and bear fur.
   Look, child, I'd whistle you up storms of silver to dance with on long nights. Our breath will freeze curtains between us; I'll peek out and you'll laugh. Don't you think Aurora's opals will suit your white skin better than all the rubies in the ground? Let me forge you trinkets of chrystal and ice.

   Look, dearest soul, I'd walk miles in the dark to bring oil for your hearth. Sparks to thaw your hands. Can you see the sea's white shoulders from your tower on high? Let me teach you how to crest the waves on the back of Brother Whale.

   Look, princesse, I'd die for your love. Take my hand, take my heart, and I'll plow you a path through the snow. Don't you know that there is no one but I who could fill your hands with frozen stars? Let me love you, let me love you, let me love you...

The End

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