See You In HellMature

 "Quick stop the bleeding,  get her stable before we lose her ! ".

A frenzy of nurses and doctors burst through the doors of the emergency room, they pushed a medical gurney down the hallways of the hospital. a girl no older then thirteen lay dying on the bloody gurney. everything was a blur to her, the frantic voices of the doctors were like muffled whispers to her ears. the life in her eyes began to fade as the gash on her wrist drained the blood from her body, she turned her head slightly, in the chaos of the commotion she saw a figure of a man at the end of the hallway. panic began in rise her chest, that unnatural figure was misplaced, it didn't belong there.  no one else seemed to take notice of the figure that was clearly in plain sight, as they closer got to the figure, darkness slowly engulfed the hallway. she shook her head in protest and tried to yell at one of the doctors to stop. then she saw what truly lay ahead.

"Ah Raven Winters you finally arrived just as expected.."

Raven opened her eyes to the blinding white light all the doctors and nurses were gone, she looked around, she appeared to be in an operation room." Caucasian female at the age of thirteen, black hair and green eyes..." some kind of grotesque creature was reading a list full of her personal information. raven tried to move but she was tied down on the medical gurney.

"where am i, where are the doctors....the nurses... the hospital!" raven thrashed wildly trying to get free of the restrains that cut into her flesh. the strange creature hovered right next to raven with a wide toothy grin.

"Stupid girl, your in the Undead Asylum where all sinners go before they sent to the underworld.....your in the suicide ward right now.." raven could hear terrible screaming right outside the room". you hear that...those are the poor unfortunate souls who are going to hell..." the creature snickered at ravens pathetic crying", you will be doing that a lot of that down get use to it aha.." the doors of the operation room bursted open and four demonic creatures walked into the room. 

"please i don't want to me ! help me..." raven screamed at the top of lungs as the four demons rolled her away down the hallway of the undead asylum. each room she passed she could see vile and horrible acts being committed to other people. raven pulled and tugged on the restrains even if it cut deeper into her flesh. " no use girly... you can't escape even if you try. he he he virgins like you always taste the best he he..." the demon's voice was raspy behind his gas mask.

" See You In Hell..."


The End

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