Things keep getting worse.Mature


Clawing through the ashes of his incomplete memories, Richard tried to piece together the fractured events of the night. Excluding the flashes Richard saw when he fought against Froggs' control, there was nothing but the empty void he had been confined to. A slash and flash of blood, then nothing. Froggs' knowledge of Richards psyche was absolute. And he had stole those moments from his life and trapped him in this empty nightmare. Richard bellowed. But nothing came out. His thoughts once again turned to Rosalie, amidst the sobbing cries of despair and the jumbled voices of rage, a pleasant hum broke through. As Richard's suspended conscience focused on this peculiar hum, a fantastic burst of platinum light crashed against what must have been his prison. The brilliant white light rippled against the shell of Richard's hell. The light made it's way over the entire surface, leaving behind feint cracks that groaned at the reduced structural support.

Richard watched the angelic light run it's course, as he watched the light burst from the adjacent wall of his cell and rushed toward him. The roar as the energy surged toward him was deafening, and is it collided with whatever Richard currently was. He felt a terrible pain. It wasn't a physical pain, but it felt like a tendon being ripped from it's rightful place. The intense pain lasted only minutes but in this place, how long was a minute? It receded to only a nagging ache yet  the pain had changed. His anchor was gone, nothing holding him sane. but a sense of purpose was left in it's place. No longer was he emotionally bound, and this scared him. Had Froggs taken something more precious from his life? More then a few memories of Bitter sweet revenge? If so what? Trapped in a tangle of queries, Richard almost missed his cage collapse.

The first piece to fall must have been the effective "keystone" because as soon as it fell the place crumbled. Smoking to nothing as it fell in slow motion toward Richard. When the black smoke dispersed Richard found himself floating in the prismatic colours of his mind proper. Every shade of every colour fired in myriad patterns. Richard was stunned. Then Froggs' voice rang through the beautiful landscape of colour. "Richard. I... I..I can't tell you how sorry I am..." As Froggs spoke Richard could swear he saw the colours fade, as if suppressed by Froggs. " Your daughter, Richard. she's.." and with that the colours exploded in to brilliant white. Richard was looking in to his daughters bedroom. The only light came from the hall , and inside the doorway shaped pillar of light hung two lifeless feet. They swung lightly, as if a breeze was blowing. But there was no breeze. the windows were closed, the AC was off. everything was still. Richard just stood there. unable to comprehend that his daughter was dead.

The End

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