An Old FriendMature


Richard snapped back to the present. He hated how Froggs could  manipulate his mind.  but he had to concentrate now. Using all of his will power Richard pushed at Froggs, forcing him to recede slightly. Semi-confidant the block would last on his mental travelling companion. Richard shook him self together, and drew the sap again. His cigarette was smouldering at the filter.  He picked it up and extinguished it in the hollow of Brandon's belly button. 

Before he could see the effect of his torture, Richard was 'thrown' backwards in to blackness. Clanging chains sounded around him, followed by the slamming of what sounded like iron gates. In the total darkness Richard had no idea. The Tune of imprisonment  settled, and Froggs' voice boomed through the nothing. -You so weak you couldn't even hold me back for 10 minutes. PIT-I-FULL. The words came harsh, scarily demonic. Not the soothing voice that had caressed him through his child hood. But there were times he had been forced in to darkness before. He had always assumes they were blackouts,  was there more to them then that? Was Froggs more then a voice he had conjured to  help deal with bullies?

Suspended in the world of nothing, Richard's part of their shared mind was racing. As if losing all other senses had boosted his brain power. He tried to gather his thoughts, hoping he could find a way to see what Froggs was doing. An age later, he had thought only of the outside of his body. He pushed the thought against Froggs' cage. For a brief second he saw blood. Froggs retaliated. Like Satan himself, Froggs ripped him from his cage, and threw the tiny ball of Richard's concious in to the extreme brink of  Subconscious. Richard slept, or did something more like slipping in to a coma. 

With no more distractions Froggs did what his did best. Devouring the taint of evil. 


By the time Froggs  had finished, whatever it was he did to the wretched boy. There was nothing left no evidence to say they had even been here. The body was gone, and Froggs felt well fed. Nothing like an evil soul so sate one's appetite. he reached back in to Richard's memory and found the way out. Not like Richards mind was hard to navigate. Froggs had been in there for 23 years. Froggs left the dank kill room, making a mental note of the disused sewage stretch. He followed the sewage pipe back  the way Richard had brought them. His hand running along the wall, waiting for the handholds cut in to the the wall of the pipe, that served as an exit from the realm of filth.

When his hand dipped in to one of the silage filled hand holds, he let out a sigh of relief.  He crept up and lifted the Man hole cover, peeking through the slight gap. Luckily to see Nike trainers heading away from him. He slid the cover aside as soon as the person footsteps could no longer be heard. He flipped himself out and kicked the cover back in to place. Froggs emerged from the claustrophobic alleyway in to the orange glow of street lights. one opposite him was flickering. The scene brought the memory of how Richard had found Rosalie to Froggs, and he found himself as angry as Richard had been. But also satisfied that their revenge had been so sweet to taste. That boy had been very evil. But no more would he hurt young women. Proud of himself, Froggs ran from the alley and jumped in to Richards' Passat. He drove back to Rosalie.


The End

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