“This performance is dedicated to Charlotte Dubois, the finest seductress in all of London.” He smiled cruelly at me and tapped the pedestal with his black baton, the orchestra focused their attention to the scores in front of them and the choir took a breath. 

“Praecaveo abdura Satan decorus aranea
Actio arbitratus decliciae caelebs accumulo abdera décor.
Cipere caelebs accumulo abdura elegantia.
Prolicio caelebs accumulo arbitratus abdera dulcis onis.

Dues patera lidere accidio 
Satan decorus aranea 
Dicere expurgo actio abdura abdera sins.” 

I felt my heart rip in two as I heard the choir speak in the old Latin tongue, the music powerful, intimidating, as if God was punishing me of all my sins and I felt nothing but hate and anger from Alexander. 

Alexander looked back at me, his eyes were cold, dead and I saw no love in the dark brown eyes. He no longer loved me, the letter, the present, the dress, he lied, he deceived me and he wanted retribution for what I did to him. 

The choir grew louder as did the music, its powerful notes ripping apart my soul and heart. I could fell the eyes of the upper class bore down on me, their eyes judging me and coming to the conclusion that I was nothing but a whore. 

My heart could no longer take the condemning words, before William had time to stop me, my feet carried me out of the entertainment room, passed the hallway and outside in the cold night air. My eyes settled on Clara, she stood in a beautiful gown, her eyes sparkling with revenge and her smile cruel and superior. 

“Is it not hilarious Clara, how idiotic and naïve Charlotte Dubois can be?” I jumped as I heard a voice behind me I could hear the heels against the cobblestone, moving around towards Clara. 

My jaw dropped, my eyes widened and my breathing stopped as Amelia stood next to Clara, her smile and eyes all knowing.

“A – A – A – “ 

“Amelia and here I thought you were intelligent.” Laughed Amelia, her voice was dripping with sarcasm and her tone condescending. The words vomiting from her lips sounded alien. 

“You are perhaps wondering why Clara is here and wondering why sweet, naïve and ignorant Amelia is standing before you insulting your intelligence?” I stayed silent; nothing in the night was moving or making any sound. 

“Charlotte, I have always known that William was a promiscuous fiend and that you were his new mistress. I have always known that you were a whore, that you gave yourself freely to any man that wished it. Yet, I was never bothered by it. 

Then Alexander Roux came along, a handsome and gifted man who deserved someone who loved him. However, as always you had to steal away a man who I thought I could love and be loved. 

Clara has always hated you Charlotte, she has feelings for dear William and she hated that you of all people was able to entice him. Therefore, we both formulated a plan. When you had that fever, I made William go to your house because I knew Alexander would visit you that day and Clara hinted that you were, busy, with William. Then Clara and I just sat back and watched everything unfold, your own desire for both men created the damage and destruction. I told Alexander that you and William had gone into the maze, I could see the smile faintly disappear from his lips and I knew exactly what he was thinking. You see Charlotte; even Alexander knew that you are a whore. 

As expected, you were kissing William. One has to be blind not to see that both William and Alexander loved you. Of course, it was never the plan for tea to be spilled, yet, Clara told it to me quite humorously, I wish that I were there to see that happen. 

Moreover, Charlotte that is how Clara and I have destroyed your innocent reputation. Now no man or family will ever want you and love you ever again.” 

Tears flowed from my eyes as I heard the venom in Amelia’s words, the hatred that spilled out of her. I heard her and Clara laugh at me as I collapsed to the ground as what Amelia spoke to me finally took its effect. 

She and Clara had known all along and I was just a simple pawn in their games against my own destruction. I heard their footsteps walk back towards the mansion, their heels against the cobblestone and their laughter against the happier music that was now being performed. 

Alone, the silence of the night overwhelmed me and I knew now that my nights and days will forever be cold, dark and silent.


Note: This is the translation of the poem, or pretty close to. I wrote it myself in Latin, but that was years ago, so don't mind me if it's a little incoherent. 

“She sings to lead men in a decorated spiders web, 
Avoid the spiders gaze and voice
Disguised as a Goddess she will lead you away
Entice and lure men with her sweet perfume

The charms will destroy you
Trapped in her beautiful web
God, purge the spider of her sins.” 

The End

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