Vauxhall GardensMature

The long green hedges of Vauxhall Gardens spanned as far as the eyes could see, vines with roses twisted around the marble arch, the carriage stopped just in front of it. We walked into Vauxhall Gardens; the large plaza sat just before the famous Vauxhall maze, roses and flowers bloomed around the edges of the plaza and the light music of the orchestra filled the air around us. 

I smiled as I looked around at the gentlemen who were dressed like me; some were kissing each other while the others paraded around with their wives. Vauxhall Gardens was a place for bored gentlemen and gentlewomen to forget about etiquette and appearances in society. 

“Alexander!” I looked around for the voice that sang Alexander’s name, my face fell when my gaze focused on Amelia who was waving her arms in an embarrassing fashion and William stood silently next to her enjoying a glass of red wine.

I heard Alexander groan inwardly, we walked to the couple and I could see Amelia’s eyes bore down on me, judging me, scrutinizing me. Awkwardly Amelia held out her hand to Alexander, who bowed and pecked her hand, she then proceeded to hold her hand out to me, terrified I looked up at Alexander, who smiled and nodded. 

“I am Phillip my lady, Alexander’s…. cousin.” I spoke, making my voice slightly deeper than usual, I felt disgusting as I bowed down and pecked Amelia’s hand.

“Amelia Harlette and this is my husband, William.” She giggled stupidly, I looked at William then, I knew he could see right through the costume, his eyes sparkled and gazed around my body taking in every inch of the outfit that Alexander dressed me in. Surprisingly William held out his hand and I took it, shaking it as if I was a little too enthusiastic to meet him, I could hear Alexander laugh beside me and from the corner of my eye I could see him shaking his head at me. 

“Are you French, Phillip?” Amelia asked, her head cocking to the side and her eyes squinting at me for a brief moment. I nodded my head in reply, not trusting my voice to be low again.

“Amelia, Alexander I think my father wants to speak to you two.” William suddenly interrupted, his gaze fixed on David who was laughing with two men and waving his hand beckoning for Amelia and Alexander. With a sad smile Alexander walked with Amelia to William’s father, I could feel Williams eyes bore down on me intently, the tension passing between us. 

“Would you like to walk with me in the maze Philip?” asked William, winking at me and walking towards the entrance of the maze, silently I my feet carried me along side William. 

We walked deeper within the maze turning lefts and rights, the maze was silent, and all that filled it was the distant music and the slight tapping of our heels against the cobblestone path. I stopped realising that I could only hear my feet moving, I turned and looked at William, he was looking at me with curious eyes, a small smirk playing on his lips. 

“You almost fooled me there Charlotte.” Chuckled William, walking slowly towards me, desire for him burned within me slowly and silently building as he came closer. Taking hold of my shoulders William pushed me back against the green hedge sinking me into the vines, I feel his warm breath against my neck and I shivered as his fingers lightly laced around the silk cravat that was under my chin. 

Slowly William pressed his lips against mine, I could feel the desire burn inside of me, and my arms wrapped themselves around his neck pulling him closer towards me, causing William to chuckle in the kiss. 

“I assume that Alexander had not satisfied you last night?” He whispered, his hands trailing down my sides and his lips brushing against the skin of my neck. 

“Alexander is a fool.” I lied; William laughed and bit into my neck hungrily, greedily, as if he was marking me as his, I closed my eyes allowing the heat of his body to melt into me. 

Without thinking I brought his face up to mine and kissed him hungrily, greedily, I left a trail of kisses down his neck, biting it a little and marking him as mine. A heavy weight settled in my chest, it told me to stop, it screamed at me to stop and yet I did nothing.

The End

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