I woke up feeling the heat of the afternoon sun warm my body, Alexander’s arms wrapped around my waist and his chin rested on my shoulder. I smiled as I saw his brown eyes looking up at me, the sun making them shine brilliantly; silently Alexander kissed my neck and shoulder, his hands lightly skimming against my side. 

“Do you wish to go to Vauxhall Gardens with me?” He whispered, I smiled as he kissed my neck and jaw. 

“I have no clothes to wear.” I laughed as his hands skimmed over a particularly ticklish part of my body, Alexander chuckled at my laugh and kissed me, the kiss deepened quickly and I felt the slow burn of desire heating my body quickly. Reluctantly Alexander pulled away from the kiss, his face still inches away from mine and I saw his brilliant smile appear on his face again. 

“You can wear my clothes.” He chuckled pulling me closer to his chest. 

“Ladies cannot wear men’s clothes.” I laughed, tracing my fingers along his chest creating various shapes and patterns. 

“If we disguise you properly I am sure no one will know.” He said, I looked at him with surprise detecting the serious undertone of his musings, laughing softly Alexander got out of the bed and pulled on some of his clothes, going to his chest of drawers he pulled out various clothes and threw them to the bed. Alexander looked at me as I sat on the bed looking at the arrangement of the carelessly thrown clothes.

“Come now Charlotte, at least try them on.” Alexander encouraged, he flashed a smile as he lay on top of the bed sheets as I got up from the bed, pulling on the white stockings, breeches and ruffled sleeved shirt. I looked at him and he nodded his head in approval handing me the royal blue waistcoat, I looked at him stunned that he had such vibrant pieces of clothing and laughing I silently pulled on the waistcoat. Alexander chuckled before handing me a deep violet coat with black buttons running down the side, pulling it on and buttoning it up the coat hid my breasts, smiling Alexander got up and wrapped a black belt around my waist, tightening the breeches closer to my body. 

“Now we need to hide that hair of yours.” He laughed, grabbing a very large white wig from one of the chests under his bed and pulling it on me, hiding my black hair underneath it.

Before I could protest Alexander grabbed his white powder from the dresser and sat me down on the bed, carefully he applied the makeup, making sure to apply the powder on my chest and neck. He then started to apply red rouge to my lips, making sure to apply it around the middle and tip of my mouth. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Alexander smiled widely as he looked at me, his eyes gazing at my face, as if he had just seen it for the first time. 

“Do I look like a man?” I asked, laughing a bit at the awkwardness of my question, Alexander laughed loudly this time, flipping his head back and making the bed shake a tiny bit. Not liking the way he laughed at me I got up and looked at myself in the full length mirror, my eyes widening as I saw myself in the mirror. 

“You have dressed me like a macaroni!” I laughed taking in the very feminine male before me, Alexander laughed silently wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder, his lips gently kissing the back of my neck. 

“A very beautiful macaroni I must say.” He spoke turning me around and placing a gentle kiss, I laughed as a little of the red rouge smudged on his lips. Smiling he held my hand and pulled me out of the bedroom and out of the house, he let go of my hand as we neared the black carriage and without having any help from the footman I sat in the carriage. It jerked forward and started to move towards Vauxhall Gardens.

*Note: A 'macaroni' means: A flamboyantly and outlandishly dressed young man. 

The End

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