The Loved OneMature

The sunlight shone brightly through the stained glass, all of them bearing some form of religious meaning, I could not help but giggle slightly at the contrast between that and what Alexander and I had done last night. The very thought of Alexander made me gaze at the bed, he was no longer sleeping in the sheets, I sat up then immediately my focus was trained on the piano. 

Alexander was sitting there, the stained glass created various shapes and colors against his naked body, his fingers lightly tracing the black and white keys. Smiling, I walked over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist and pressing my lips against his neck and shoulder; he relaxed at the touch and rubbed his hands over mine. 

“How did you sleep?” He asked, his voice was soothing, the rage that he felt last night had evaporated from him and all that remained now was something softer, less harsh.

“Very well thank you.” I replied politely, etiquette still snaking its way to me. Alexander chuckled and lifted my arms away from his body, pulling me towards his lap. 

His skin felt warm as he wrapped his arms around my waist, he kissed the back of my shoulders and lightly brushing away my hair that got in the way. His fingers traced along my spine, as I looked over at his music sheets, he was writing a new piece, notes were crossed and new ones replaced them. I winced when Alexander brushed his fingertips over a particularly sensitive spot of my back, he ignored me and traced his fingertips over my waist and down my hips, and again I winced at the sensitivity of the area. 

“I am sorry Charlotte for being somewhat barbaric for the way I handled you, it is just, you and William together make me unbelievably angry.”

“I think my clothes can second that notion.” I laughed looking down at the remains of my corset and dress, Alexander chuckled slightly as well, his arms wrapping around my waist again. 

“I will buy you a new one; it really was an exquisite dress.” He sighed, pressing his lips down on the back of my shoulders again; I closed my eyes as I felt his lips brush against my skin and his hands moving up and down my arms. 

Chuckling Alexander turned me sideways so that he could put his arms under my legs, lifting me carefully he carried me towards the bed and gently he placed me down, putting over one of the sheets over me. I watched him as he walked back to the piano, sitting down he winked at me and started lightly skim his fingers across the keys. 

My heart leaped into the air as I realised what he was playing. The piece of music that came from the heavens themselves, each note specifically created to make my heart skip a beat and to take me to heaven itself. I closed my eyes as tears started to form, each note sounded like heaven, as if angels were now singing. I let the music take my body and lift me from the bed, swaying me back and forth to bask in the sun, to bask in all of God’s glory. I let the notes wash over me, cleansing me of all my sins, washing away all of the demons that clung to my soul. I savored every moment, as if God was forgiving me of all my wrong doings. 

I felt loved.

The End

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