*Note: This is just sex, just skip this chapter if you feel uncomfortable. 

My body tingled and buzzed again, desire fueled the fire that released itself inside me, I wanted Alexander, the kiss that we had a couple of weeks prior had never left my lips, William’s kisses were dull compared to Alexanders kiss. Alexander chuckled softly sensing the tension that now passed through us, his brown eyes burning with lust and desire, I wanted to fall into him and melt into his body, his kiss. 

Silently Alexander stopped dancing, took my hand and led me out of the ballroom, weaving out of the dancers and those who merely talked. He pulled me out of the house and nearly pushed me inside of the carriage as we climbed in, he was silent as the black carriage jerked forward, I could hear the horses’ hooves against the cobblestone. I looked over at Alexander, his face was set in stone and his eyes burned with not only lust and desire, but also… anger.

Alexander pulled me up the staircase, his hand tightening the grip as I began to fall behind, my heart raced excitedly at the thought of Alexander becoming dominant and powerful. We stopped in front of a large oak door and Alexander motioned for me to open it; I walked into the bedroom almost immediately, my eyes focused on the large black grand piano that nestled itself comfortably in the middle of the room, the moonlight made it majestic and mysterious. The large four-poster bed was to the side of the room and I gazed at the floor, music sheets were sprawled across the floor. 

I heard the door slam behind me, surprised I whipped my head around, but soon found Alexander pushing me violently against the wall, his arms wrapped around me and his lips crashed onto mine while his hands fumbled uselessly around with the corset. He growled in frustration as the corset struggled to come undone and in a fit of anger, Alexander tore the corset straight down the middle. I gasped as I saw Alexander become aggressive and territorial. Desire exploded through my body and I ripped away his coat, waistcoat and silk shirt, fuelling Alexander’s animalistic rage. 

“Damn it, I hate panniers.” 

Breathed Alexander as he aggressively pulled off the metal pannier from my hips, I smiled as he threw it across the room and immediately pushed me back against the wall, his hands ripping at the silk petticoat. 

“I hate these breeches.” 

I laughed as I started to undo it, he chuckled without humour and pulled them down, as soon as we threw it away, Alexander started to kiss me again, his teeth biting and grazing against my lips. His hands roughly lifted my legs to his waist and I wrapped myself around him. 

Alexander took no time, barbarically he pushed himself inside of me, I screamed in pain, my fingernails dug themselves in his arms and back trying to replicate the burn. Smiling cruelly Alexander pushed me against the piano, my back arched in pain as my spine hit the black wood, Alexander proceeded to move his hips, harder and faster, our breathing became heavy and I dug my nails further into his skin making him growl and push harder. Paying him back, I bit into his neck, making his breathing hitch and moan.


I screamed, flipping my head back as Alexander pressed his fingers on my spine. The exquisite rapturous feelings of pleasure overwhelmed my body as I pulled at Alexander’s hair; I kissed him roughly and bit down on his bottom lip. Alexander lifted my body again; my back hit the keys making the piano growl at us and I brought myself back up to Alexander again. He pushed himself harder as I cried out, my back arching as I leaned away from Alexander again, my arms and hands overlapping the keys making a cacophony of sound.

The piano continued to growl as Alexander and I continued, I could feel the heat pulse through me, I could feel the sweat bead out of Alexander, making our skin sticky and every inch of me wanted to be touched. I moved my hips against his, forcing a moan from Alexander, his voice was ringing over the growls from the piano. 

God, Charlotte!” 

Alexander managed to choke out as I moved my hips faster; I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing my body closer to his, Alexander moaned loudly as I proceeded to move harder, I was gaining dominance over him. I had him wrapped around my finger. 

Suddenly Alexander pushed me against the piano again, making it wobble dangerously, the vase on the piano crashed to the ground somehow making Alexander push harder, I could feel the pleasure building inside of me again, the burn of desire and lust coursing through my body.

I shrieked in pleasure almost immediately, flipping my head back, my back hitting against the piano. A little while later, I heard Alexander moan deep within his chest, releasing him inside of me. 

I forgot about everything around me then, Alexander’s touch, lips, arms and hips made my body scream in pleasure making everything that William made me feel, experience was dull, dreary, dismal and plain. 

I wanted no one else but Alexander, I wanted – no I needed him.

The End

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