Wandering ThoughtsMature

*Note: This chapter contains sex scenes, so skip this chapter if you feel uncomfortable about that... Just read the very last sentence. 

The days passed by quickly, as if the clock had somehow moved quicker behind my back, the summer weather found its way into William’s bedroom and I flipped the bed sheets off my body. William chuckled as he moved his hands across my chest and stomach creating various patterns, his body pressed against mine the sweat on his chest felt cold against my warm chest. Amelia was out for the day at Vauxhall Gardens with two of her friends and William and I both declined her invitation; I felt a little sick and William had to run some errands for his father. 

William wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him, his lips brushed against my neck before he softly planted a kiss, I smiled as the kiss deepened becoming passionate, lustful, and I could feel William move his body so that he was hovering over me. He broke away from the kiss and moved down towards my breast, taking me in his mouth, I moaned and slightly arched my back as his teeth and lips pulled at them. I pulled at his blonde hair as he kissed my other breast; he growled in pain and bit down, making me moan in pleasure and pull at his hair. He chuckled slightly at my response and rolled over, his back hit the mattress, I smiled and straddled his waist, teasing him; William closed his eyes and groaned in frustration, his hands on my hips as I swayed. 

“Charlotte please I want you.” He tried to say, his fingers dug themselves in my hips, complying I lowered myself, our moans blending and our hips moving rhythmically. 

William sat up deepening himself, I let out another moan as he moved his hips again, harder and faster, I dug my nails into his back making him growl in my neck, I shivered in response and bit into his neck making William’s breathing hitch and moan. The heat glided over our bodies, a wave of euphoric pleasure running through my legs and arms, the only way I could express what I was feeling was through my voice. William pressed his hands on my back, trying to melt in me; I pulled at his hair and kissed him roughly, letting my teeth bite down on his bottom lip. William growled thrusting his hips harder and faster in response, immediately I moaned loudly, almost screaming as the pleasure overwhelmed my body, and I arched my back and leaned away from William, his hands still on my back and my arms still around his neck. A loud moan escaped from William’s throat as he released himself, our breathing matched soon after as I leant into him, his arms wrapped around me tightly hugging me to him. 

“Thank you.” He whispered kissing my shoulder lightly, I smiled at the gesture, closing my eyes and thinking of Alexander.

The End

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