I smiled as I moved my horse down the chessboard, across two squares and taking the place of the white tower. Amelia giggled furrowing her brow and cocking her head to the side, as if moving her head will give her the answer, I already knew that I won, she never moves her Queen when it is necessary. I leaned back on my chair knowing that Amelia will take a while before she would make a pointless move; I looked over at William who was sitting across the room behind Amelia, drinking and pretending to smash Amelia’s head with a paperweight. 

I pressed my hand against my chest, my fingers traced down towards my breast as I let my hand fall to my lap, William moved uncomfortably in his seat, his eyes stitched to my chest. I laughed and looked down at the chessboard as Amelia was finally making her move, unsurprisingly she moved her pawn to take mine and I moved my tower to take her Queen. 

“Checkmate.” Amelia held her hands to her face and giggled obnoxiously, her eyes wandering over the chessboard to see where she had gone wrong, William was laughing silently at her. After a few moments William stood from his seat and planted a kiss on Amelia’s cheek making her blush, the gesture was sickening to look at. 

“Perhaps next time Amelia.” William spoke in a condescending tone, alas poor Amelia failed to detect the joke that was at her expense. I frowned at the thought of William and I flirting while Amelia was in the room completely oblivious to the immoral acts, in a way I felt sorry for her, she is naïve and innocence, if I were a different woman I am sure Amelia and I would be good friends. However, it is her fault that her naivety and innocence does not satisfy William Harlette. 

“Do not worry Amelia I am sure that the next time we play you will be able to beat me.” I laughed leaning forward to touch her hand; I smiled to myself as William tried to pry his eyes away from my décolletage and he almost whimpered when I retreated to my chair. 

“Are your family still planning on the summer ball?” Amelia gushed, she relished at the idea of showing off a new outfit that she had bought from France. 

“What else would my family be doing if they were not having the summer ball?” William laughed and sat in between Amelia and me, he turned his body so that his legs were close to mine and dipped one of the strawberries into the whipped cream that lay on the mahogany table.

“Oh Charlotte I must show you the new dress that I bought from America. It is so beautiful.” Amelia boasted standing up, William stood as well and before I could protest, Amelia ran out of the room. As soon as she did, William slumped back into the chair, leaned on his elbow and buried his face into his hand.

“I can no longer put up with her inane talk; it would be easier if she were better in bed, or if she would actually let me have her instead of getting all nervous and giggling like a hyena. Charlotte you do not realise how much I depend on you to keep me sane, Amelia’s very presence repulses me and I find myself hating her every second that passes. Why did I not marry you instead?” 

William looked up from his hand, I could see now that deep purple tired lines formed under his eyes, his hand running through his blonde hair had dishevelled it and his mouth was neither smiling nor frowning.

“Prior to last year’s event we had never talked that often and you were wooing most of the women in Clearwater at the time.” William laughed and shook his head, his eyes staring directly into mine. 

“That is a mistake that I will forever regret."

The End

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