Thelypthoric DemonMature

I got out of the bathtub, the cold water dripped down my body and a warm breeze swept in the bathroom making my whole body shiver. Clara dabbed the white cloth over my body and hair, I slipped on the chemise that loosely hung from shoulders and steadily I walked back to the bed. The fever had loosened its grip on me; I was eating more, sleeping better and I was able to walk around the house for brief periods. It had been three days since William had come over, Alexander had not even bothered to stop by and every passing day I was growing anxious for his arrival. 

I laid in bed watching the ceiling, feeling my chest rise and fall every time I inhaled and exhaled, it would have been a perfect day if Alexander were with me playing on the piano. I had never heard of such sweet music, if I were the Queen I would make perform every night for me, I closed my eyes trying to remember the notes; however, I knew that trying to imagine the music would be impossible. Clara knocked on the door, she opened the door when I replied and slightly she bowed and looked at her hands while she talked. 

“Mr. Roux has arrived Miss. Dubois.” 

“Let him in.” I replied, my voice no longer sounded ugly and my throat no longer hurt, only a few times did I cough. Clara bowed her head and scurried downstairs, I heard voices, and anticipation grew as I heard the footsteps climb up the steps and nervously I tidied my hair. 

Alexander came into the room without Clara, his hand scratched at his neck as he lightly stepped towards my bed, a small smile appeared on his face making him radiate and becoming more beautiful. Silently he sat on my bed next to me, I sat up putting the pillow against the headboard and he chuckled and looked down at his hands. 

“Are you feeling any better?” His voice was smooth and I felt my whole body relax in response.

“Yes thank you.” I replied politely, I wanted to say something else rather than that, alas etiquette told me not to and I had to force my tongue back behind my teeth. Alexander smiled and looked up at me, his eyes wandered down my body, following the lines that the chemise made, my own eyes feasted on his body, his black coat fitted around his muscles and his waistcoat hugged at his broad chest and thin waist. My body reacted to him; my heart thudded loudly against my chest and my fingers curled into fists as they yearned to run them through his hair. 

“Was William here when I came here three days ago?” He asked looking back down at his hands; the tip of his fingers traced the lines on his palm. 

“Yes…?” I said, more like a question rather than a statement of fact. I saw Alexander tense up and his finger dug into his palm making a faint red crescent mark. 

“What do you see in him Charlotte? He is nothing more than a thelypthoric demon.” Alexander argued his eyes staring directly in mine and for a moment I was a little frightened, however, the moment passed when he looked down again and stared at his hands. 

“Alexander you – you do not understand what William and I have, it is very complicated and I know that he ruins women but –“ 

“Then why do you stay with him? Why do you let him have his way with you?” Alexander almost pleaded; he was sitting up now, anger and frustration apparent on his face, his voice strained. 

“You – You do not understand the relationship between William and I – “ 

“Then help me to understand.” Blurted Alexander, his body leaned forwards so that his face was inches away from mine, I could feel his warm breath brush against my neck and desire immediately coursed through my body. 

Alexander looked at me for a moment, his eyes searching mine, then slowly his lips gently pressed against mine and I felt a surge of adrenaline pulse through my body. I opened my mouth, he gently slipped his tongue, and gently he pressed against mine, his hands roamed down, from my shoulders, passed my breasts, passed my waist and stopping at my hip. He pulled me down towards the mattress his body hovered over me; the kiss grew passionate, heated, his body gently pressing against mine. 

I hesitated then; the feeling of Alexander’s body against mine reminded me where this would soon be going. Alexander deserved someone special, someone who would actually love him, not someone who would soon be going to the path of Hell. 

“Alexander no, you need to leave.” I breathed breaking away from the kiss and pushing him away with my hands. Alexander looked at me, hurt evident in his eyes, we stayed in this moment for a few more seconds until he pushed himself off me and walked out and slammed the front door behind him.

The End

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