I stepped off the black carriage, the white and brown horses neighed loudly and their hooves stamped the cobble ground. The party had drained my energy away, the stress and anxiety made my eyelids heavy, my head throbbed in pain, and I will probably collapse to the ground if I did not get to bed soon. 

I entered my home and immediately my maid, Clara, was at my side offering me tea and scones, her small shrill voice cut through my head like a saw. I declined her offerings by shaking my head; my hand lightly touched the wooden railing as I climbed up the stairs to my room. The purple wallpaper was added just last spring; I hated looking at the old blue wallpaper. I took out my pins and placed them on my dresser table, the dark mahogany wood intricately woven around the three mirrors, the biggest one was in the middle. 

Clara came into the room, under her white bonnet, her brown hair must have been messy, her skin was a light brown from being under the sun for far too long and her dull brown eyes were tired and worn. I stood up silently and took hold of one of the four posts from my bed as Clara, rather savagely untied my corset. I did not want to argue, she was probably tired and my head still throbbed in pain, so instead I stayed quiet. 

Soon I  was dressed in my white gown, the cold breeze from the window made me shiver and Clara closed the window for me, a small smile on her lips. Getting into my four-poster bed I laid my head down gently on the silk pillow, my head still throbbed in pain, but I knew that it would subside in time. Slowly my eyelids began to become heavier, until I could no longer keep them open. 

The party was too crowded, the decorations were ugly and the orchestra made the instruments shriek. Grotesque and demonic masks concealed everyone’s faces, all of them were partnered, dancing and twirling around on the black and white floor as if it were a large chessboard.

The music grew louder as my heart pounded in my chest, the shrieking of the violins and the distorted keys of the piano made my head pulse with pain as every note shrieked horridly. I covered my ears, trying to quieten the noise, but the music grew louder in retaliation, it was as if the music was angry. 

I pushed through the dancers, trying to find the orchestra that created the demonic music, my head felt as if it were going to split in two, as I got closer to the orchestra. 

I screamed in terror as I saw them, each musician was dead; their hair was falling out, their teeth were disgustingly yellow and sharp and their skin a sickly blue color. They were playing incredibly fast, their arms and fingers almost becoming a blur, however, their heads moved slowly side to side, their yellow eyes locked on to mine. 

I screamed as someone tapped me on the shoulder, whipping my head around I relaxed, William, his face was not concealed by a mask, a smile spread across his face. I stepped back as his grin curved and slowly his face morphed into one of the demonic masks, he stepped forward, while I stepped back, he stepped forward, I stepped back. William put his head to his shoulder, his eyes becoming black and wild, he quickly lunged towards me his arms stretching and snaking around my waist. I screamed as he dragged me towards him, but I could not remove myself from his grip. 

I was close to his body; his black eyes were manic as he spun me around like a doll. The world spun around me and I felt my stomach churn, the music played loudly and the dancers were still twirling in the opposite direction. Suddenly William let go of me and I tumbled into someone else’s arms, I looked up and saw Alexander, his mask was black and only covered half of his face. His perfect smile relaxed me and suddenly I felt safe, the world could no longer harm me as long as I was in Alexander Roux arms. Carefully, Alexander lifted me to place my feet on the ground, I screamed as I fell through the floor, darkness enveloping me. 

I jerked my eyes open and I quickly sat up, sweat beaded my chest and forehead, a couple of seconds staring into the darkness Clara comes into the room, lighting the oil lamps around the room. I stare at her as she puts her hand to my forehead, her lips pulled down to a frown, her hands lightly push my shoulders back in the bed and she brings the bed sheets closer to my neck.

“You have a fever Miss. Dubois; try to get some sleep while I get the doctor.”

The End

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