The PianistMature

Everyone hushed as the servants went about blowing out the candles around us and leaving the oil lamps that lay on the floor in front of the pianist, giving a soft orange glow. The man was beautiful, his black coat fitted his perfect muscles and his silver waistcoat covered his white shirt. He did not wear a wig; instead, a white ribbon tied back his black hair, his cream colored skin looked flawless, his lips were full and his light brown eyes gazed nervously at the audience. Taking a deep breath, the man flexed his arms and fingers. Softly he pressed a key on the piano and a soft low hum filled the room, then ever so lightly, he proceeded to move his fingers along the keys. A low haunting sound filled the room as the man proceeded to move his fingers intricately along the piano, the low hum steadily grew louder, more pronounced as the music went along. 

I felt my spine shiver as the man looked around at the audience while he played, slowly his light brown eyes locked on to mine, a small yet beautiful smile appeared on his perfect lips and my breathing hitched for only second before he looked down at the piano again. 

Slowly the music began to soften and fade; I felt my heart pound against my chest as the fear of the music ending became closer. Tears brimmed around my eyes as the music ended softly. The room was quiet again, no one spoke, no one even coughed, and instead everyone looked at the man who just performed to us music that must have come from the heavens. 

Suddenly I heard clapping; everyone turned their heads to see William’s father, David, clapping enthusiastically, he stood up then, a single person clapping among a room of silence. I watched as William and Amelia stood up and started to clap, everyone in the room followed suit and soon enough the room was filled with shouts of encores and “Bravo’s.” I could not stand up to join the ovation, my legs felt weak and the tears that brimmed around my eyes were now running down my cheeks. A standing ovation would not suffice, the man deserved more. 

The servants came back in the room, each of them holding a new oil lamp to place around the room, brightening it up considerably. Everyone except me swarmed around the man as he stood up, bombarding him with handshakes, bows and approval. 

“Did you not like it?” Asked a deep voice behind me, I turned to see William sitting beside me, I was too absorbed in the pianist to take notice of him. 

“I loved it… I just – I cannot describe it.” I said softly, embarrassed by my lack of words. However, I was only sitting next to William; his opinion of me did not matter. We are both as bad as each other. 

“Looks like Amelia would be busy for another hour, I say if she was to become an animal, a parrot or a raven would suffice.” I laughed with him, William never loved Amelia, and his father only pushed him into marriage for the sake of keeping a respectable image. William Harlette was never respectable. 

“Will she mind then if I kept you busy for an hour?” I placed my hand gently on William's knee; a smug smile appeared on his face, taking my hand he lead me downstairs and into one of the guest rooms. 

William closed the door quickly and before I could even react, he was pushing me against the wall, his lips crashing on to my lips and his arms bringing my body closer to his. His hands desperately trying to remove my clothes and corset, my own hands were at work, shrugging off his navy blue coat, his black waistcoat, his navy blue knee high pants and lastly his white long sleeved shirt. 

I gasped in relief as William finally untied my corset; I breathed in some much needed air, my lungs no longer restricted. The rest of my dress quickly separated from my body and William pressed his body to my own, my warm skin touching his. I felt the tip of him touch me lightly and my breathing hitched, smiling he bent down and started to lick my breast, grazing his teeth lightly on them before his lips enveloped the tip. His finger lightly brushed against me, teasing me, he chuckled as I grabbed his wig and threw it across the room. My fingers ran through his blonde hair pulling it slightly, begging him to take me. Complying with my silent demands William went on his knees, expressions of pleasure escaped from my lips as I felt his tongue and his lips on me, it was not enough, I needed him. 

“William… please…” I managed to say, it must have been only whisper because he continued, not bothering to deliver what I wanted. 

“William.” I spoke again this time a little louder; William chuckled and stood up again, his hands wrapped around my things bringing them up to his waist and I wrapped myself around him. I could feel him pulse inside of me as he pushed his hips with mine, his face buried in my shoulder; I gripped his back as he continued harder and faster. The desire intensified as his movements became erratic, my back hit against the wall at a fast pace, my breathing becoming quick and harsh. 

Suddenly I felt cold, all color drained from my face as I stared at the man who stood in the doorway. The pianist. 

The End

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