Charlotte Dubious is the most beautiful woman in London and is able to sway men from their wives, families and careers. However, when she meets French pianist, Alexander Roux, all of her lies and secrets start to unravel.

I swayed my crimson-feathered fan back and forth; the light breeze gave me air as I tried to breath from the corset that tightly wound around my waist and ribs. My black hair was styled back in a large bun and soft ringlets came down to my chest, the pins that held them together made my head throb in pain, yet, as etiquette told me I was not allowed to express any discomfort. 

My dark green eyes gazed over the gentlemen and gentlewomen who had come from all parts of town to attend to see a new musician. However, the performance would not be for some time until it was certain that all the guests had arrived and had introduced themselves to everyone in the room. Young men laughed at women’s witticisms and the women blushed every time a man would lightly peck her hand out of politeness. 

My stomach rumbled quietly; smiling I walked over to a table where an assortment of fruits and appetizers were laid. I plucked a grape from one of the silver platters and gently placing it in my mouth, the juice burst from the grape as I ate. 

“I feel sorry for you Miss. Dubois.” Said a deep voice beside me, I gazed at the man beside me, a grey wig hid the man’s blonde hair and he had an arrogant smirk upon his face.

“William Harlette, what do you feel sorry for?” I spoke, trying to keep my voice levelled and polite. William Harlette was a promiscuous fiend when it came to women, he probably wooed most of the young women here and still he was still one of the elite in society.

I despised him with a passion. 

“You women cannot eat out of fear that your corsets will burst and everyone might see your under garments. Of course, if an event should occur, I would probably enjoy it; especially if I was able to see yours Charlotte.” 

William said in an almost whisper, my hands shook as I tried to contain the rage that was boiling inside of me. If anyone heard what he had said to me, it would be the scandal of the year, perhaps even the following year. Again, I was reminded of etiquette and I suppressed my rage, a false smile playing on my lips.

“My, Mr. Harlette, what would Amelia think if she heard you say that?” William winced as I spoke his wife’s name. 

“Charlotte, must we always play these games? Amelia is talking with my mother and this party is terrible. Besides how I can I ignore you when you are wearing the necklace that I gave you.” 

I blushed as he fondled the pendent that lay elegantly on my chest, his fingers lightly brushing against my skin, making me shiver. Soon all of my anger disappeared from my body and replaced by desire. Every once of my being wanted him, wanted his lips on my skin and his hands on my body, the memories of last year replayed in my mind. 

It was my family’s annual summer ball; everyone was wearing the latest fashions, most in silks and velvets. I came down from the stairs and immediately William Harlette, who was recently married to Amelia Fox, greeted me, a wide grin spread across his face. We danced for one song, however, the tension between us grew stronger and I could feel his heat radiating making me shiver too many times to count. 

Acting on desire alone I grabbed Williams hand and lead him to the cloakroom, from there, he pushed me against the wall and crashed his lips on to mine, his hands trying extremely hard to undo the corset. When he did untie the corset though the desire only escalated and soon enough I was wrapping my legs around his naked waist as he proceeded to push himself inside me. 

Harder and faster. 

The clinking sound of someone tapping metal to glass ripped me of my thoughts and I turned my attention to the front of the room, which now had one man sitting at a black grand piano. I heard William groan in frustration and he sat with Amelia at the first row. I looked around as everyone else started to sit at various places, sighing I sat down behind William, making sure to brush my fingers playfully across his neck, making his spine shiver in pleasure. 

Smiling I sat down and waited for the generic music to fill my ears and perhaps lull me into a slumber.

The End

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