Secrets UnveiledMature

After Jason's father is shot, he's faced with various decisions; he can get over the painful memories in his life, or unveil the secrets that have been forever hidden from him since he was a little boy. Which path with he choose?

Jason sat quietly on the make-shift swing his father had made him, approximately four years ago. Time seemed as if to slow while the guests in black lingered, crowding his small backyard. Their fancy black shoes trampled the yellow grass beneath their feet. They walked, to comfort his mourning mother, tears streaming down her pale, flushed face.

“I’m sorry for your loss, Diane,” the voices were sympathetic. Sympathy didn’t bring her husband – Jason’s father, back from the grave. Still, she tried hard to place a smile on her thin lips, to thank the friends that stood by her. Jason pumped his legs, gaining momentum to swing high. Hoping he would reach high enough to discover his late father. From a distance, you would think this boy dressed in black, was a raven, soaring through the mid-day sky.


Sitting at the kitchen table, Jason stirs his bitter coffee, deep in thought. It’s going to be a rough day for him, and he knows it already. It’s been six years since somebody shot the father figure in his life, to death. Jason never really understood what his father could’ve possibly done to deserve something like that, but one thing was for sure, that he was determined to find out.  Jason’s mother, Diane, trudged into their tiny kitchen, fluffy bunny slippers engulfing her feet. Any other son would laugh at this sight, but not Jason. He had very high respect for his mother, she practically raised him on her own; the last thing she needed was an ignorant teenager giving her sh*t.

“Morning, mom,” Jason greeted her, throwing a small smile in her direction. Diane smiled sadly, realizing what day it was. Neither of them got over Robert’s death completely, and in some way it felt like he was still with them; sitting with Jason at the kitchen table, and lying with Diane in their lonely queen – sized bed. Jason frowned, dumping the remaining contents of the sugar bowl into his steaming cup.

“I’m finally getting rid of your father’s clothes, tomorrow. You can look through the boxes and pick out the things you want tonight, if you’d like.”

Opening the cheap maple cupboards, Diane removed a box of Special K, pouring it into a plastic bowl, silently. In her opinion, it was time to let go of the painful memories Robert and her shared. Things went on in their relationship that she didn’t dare tell Jason. It was too dangerous for the both of them. Looking over, Diane caught Jason staring at her.

                “Mom, are you sure it’s time?” Jason asked, cautiously. He definitely wasn’t ready to let go. He always had the feeling his parents were hiding something; he just wasn’t sure what it was. Picking up his tattered backpack, swinging it on his back, Jason awaited a reply.

                “I’m positive, Jason. It’s time to let go. Letting this hang above our heads, is in no way, healthy.” Diane enveloped her only son, in her long, thin arms; messing up his thick blonde hair.  “Have a good day at school, sweetheart.” She pushed him out the door, eagerly. Jason had a tendency to miss the bus lately, so she had to be sure he didn’t – she had things to deal with.


                Jason was hardly the average seventeen year old boy. When he walked the halls, it was almost natural for at least three girls to swoon over him. With a light complexion that he got from his mother, almost everything else came from his father’s genes. The athletic build; toned arms, strong, long legs, and most of all; his pale, sky blue eyes. Although good looking, Jason took his school work very seriously. He had at least a ninety average in every one of his classes.

                Before he knew it, Jason was walking in the back door after school. His mother left it unlocked, good thing too, because he forgot his house keys. Looking around, all he could see was boxes – piled high with clothes. Soon after, he discovered that his mother hadn’t arrived home yet. Jason decided to head to the space he called his own; his room. Passing his father’s office, his mother’s room, and the kitchen, he opened his bedroom door.   

                “I never understood why your father locked that office. Things inside can’t be that important. I recall when you were around nine, you tried to pick the lock while your father was at work. Had a huge tantrum, you did. Nobody can pick that lock, and only your father had the key in which opened it.” Jason’s mother, explained to him once. In Jason’s eyes, all that office was, happened to be temptation.  


                Jason rummaged through the boxes of his father’s clothes. The boxes contained old shirts, jeans, tuxes, belts, scarves, gloves, and other typical articles of clothing. It was amazing how each piece of fabric still held the scent of his cologne. One thing that stood out, however, was a leather jacket. It sat at the very bottom of the box, waiting to be held. Jason remembered his father wearing that jacket; pushing him on the make-shift swing. He looked at the tag, realizing that it was his size, and pulling it on his towering frame.

                It was as if the jacket was made especially for him, he thought. He looked in his mother’s long mirror, taking in his appearance. He smiled, shoving his hands in his pockets, realizing how much he missed his dad. It was then, Jason found something he least expected, in the deep pockets of the worn out jacket. Puzzled, he reached down, grasping a piece of paper in his hand, pulling out of the pocket, wide-eyed.  It was folded delicately; like a butterfly, fluttering through spring air. The paper was creased perfectly, as if not intended to be read. But as he flipped it over, written in perfect writing, was the name;


His long fingers shook as he unfolded the letter carefully, making sure he didn’t damage anything about this amazing memory. Jason couldn’t believe what he found, and it seem like a dream as he read his father’s familiar handwriting. He sat down on Robert’s leather chair, butterflies in his empty stomach. Jason’s mother had yet to arrive home from work, so he was alone. His eyes flooded with tears as he read.



I knew this time was coming soon. I’m going to die soon, because somebody is after me, and is going to kill me. I know it’s hard for you to understand Jason. I hope that when you find this, you’ll be old enough to continue where I left off. You always loved this jacket. Hence, it was a perfect place to hide the first clue for you. Clues, cliché I know, you’re probably rolling those blue eyes that look just like mine. But when you were five, your mother and I took you to your first treasure hunt, and you loved it so much, I just couldn’t resist. I’ve hidden a series of clues for you, Jason. To uncover the mystery that you always secretly wondered about. There was always that little voice inside your head that said; ‘Something’s being hidden from me, and I know it.’ You have a gift of knowing, Jason. I have had it too. It’s a wonderful gift, use it well. I’ll explain how, along the way. Find the clues, Jason. Uncover the secrets I hid from you, you’ll know where to find them. And remember, I love you. I always will, son. You and your mother are everything to me. So I’m using this letter, not to say goodbye – but to say hello. You’ll feel more connected with me than ever. Don’t worry, you’ll understand soon.


Within that pocket, Jason came across a worn out skeleton key. He wasn’t sure what that meant at first, until a little voice in the back of his head, spoke. It spoke in a low voice at first; proceeding louder, and louder. Jason stood up, grabbing the side of his mother’s stacked bookshelf to steady himself. What was this? He felt nauseous; scared even. He didn’t know what his father was talking about. Was he clinically insane? But still, the voice shook every limb in his body.

“Pay attention, Jason. Listen to me. There is nothing to be afraid of – consider me as a close friend. I’m you, just the part of you that you’re not aware of controlling yet. I come from a specific place in your brain where the adventures are stored. Now, Jason. Go to the door. You know; the one where you tried to pick the lock. This is the key that opens it.”

The End

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