Secret's Revealed

Charity sees them passing a ring around. Will Charity find out waht it means?

Charity Neen walked silently toward fourth period. Her flip flops making a click sound as she passed.

She only looked straight for she knew once she saw them it woulde be hard to resist not eavesdropping into there conversation. Nothing about them interested her, but there thoughts did.

They were sitting not far from Charity's locker. She focused all her energy on them and slowly began to hear what they were saying.

"My locker passcode thing wouldn't work today."one of the younger girl's said with a pout.

"My key for my car would not work."the oldest said.

After all of the girl's found out about about what weird happened they started talking about something that was strangely odd.

"The code is 4118722."the one closest to Charity said.

"Kay, I'll put it in."The other said getting out a ring, putting it on her finger, then saying the code.

This looked different to Charity. She watched as each of the girl's studied the peculiar ring then put it on their finger.

Something was very strange.

The End

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