The dance

When we walked in to the school hall it was decorated with sea decorations. Green and blue balloons were everywhere, and there were cardboard waves around the stage that the band were on. There was a disco ball in the middle of the ceiling.

"Hey! Amelia! Indya!" Our friend Pete ran over. "How cool is this?"

"It's alright." Indya said.

"It looks great Pete. Well done for getting a good band." I smiled at him. Poor Pete had a crush on Indya, but she had never noticed. I had been sworn to secrecy, or else I would have mentioned it to her, and perhaps that would have made her kinder towards him. As it was, she loved taunting him. Not maliciously of course, but she always liked to see him flustered. Perhaps she liked him back, and this was her way of showing him.

"Thanks A. So have you two got dates?"

"No. Although Indya's been asked by loads of people, she said she just wants to dance without the burden of a date." Indya shoves me and whispers

"Yeah, and I could bear to see you on your own."

"I'll be fine. I'll have more fun at the camp fire later than here anyway." Indya rolls her eyes. The campfire is where the entire of our class is going for a barbaque later on the beach, and we're all going to sleep out there depending on the weather.

"Will you at least dance with a guy?"

"Yeah ok, if one asks me. Which I doubt with my track record." People tended to stay away from me, especially boys. I doubted anyone would ask me to dance, especially as all the boys were looking nervous anyway.

"Cheer up. You look gorgeous. I did a good job."

"Nothing to do with me then?"

"Well, you are pretty." She grinned and stuck her tongue out, then flounced off to join the guys on the dance floor.

"She hates me." Pete sighed.

"No, she just likes annoying you." We sat down at the table nearest the exit. "Hopefully this will all be over soon so I can get changed and we can party properly on the beach.

"I'm with you there." Pete muttered, staring at Indya on the dance floor.

The End

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