Secret Cave

I surfaced and gasped in some air. Nick surfaced, grinning next to me. When I'd caught my breath I looked around taking in where I was.

"What do you think?" Nick said smiling at the look of amazement on my face.

I was in a cave. Crystals of all colours sprung from the walls, floors and ceilings, and the water around me was a deep shining blue. Light beamed through all the crystals, making the walls appear dotted with light. In a dark corner I noticed a rucksack with some clothes sticking out of it. Nick was obviously living here.

"Wow. It''s beautiful."

"I thought you'd like it." He took my hand and pulled me through the water, up on to the rock ledge at the edge of the pool. "This is where I live."

"What, with no bed?"

"I don't need a bed. I can sleep on the water."

"Oh. That'"

"It's ok, if you think it's weird I mean."

"No really. It's just a lot to take in that's all." I stared around and then looked down at myself. The light was twinkling on my skin.

"You look really beautiful in this light you know." I blushed.

"Only in this light?" He grinned and brushed a strand of my hair back from my face.

"No. Always." He leaned in slowly. I felt my cheeks flush, but I didn't move, and his lips touched mine, soft and smooth. Then he pulled away. "Sorry, it's too soon, I understand."

"No. No I didn't mind." I squeezed his hand. "So what else can you do here?"

He slipped in to the water and dived down, then I saw him swimming upwards and he shot out of the pool, spray flying everywhere as he turned in a flip and dived back down. I clapped as he resurfaced. He pulled me in to the water.

"Come on, we'd better get back. The others will be missing us. But if you're free tomorrow, we can go for a swim if you'd like. Maybe come back here."

"I'd like that." I took a deep breath and we swam down and out of the cave. Outside, Nick helped me swim back to the shore and we went back to the camp fire together.

The End

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