Secrets of the sea

A young girl who lives near the sea discovers a fantastic secret.

I sit here, feeling the sand running through my toes as I wrinkle them, breathing in the salty sea air. Ahead of me is the ocean, vast and beautiful, sparkling in the sunlight. I lay back on my towel and stare at the bright blue sky, looking for clouds that do not exist.

I am Amelia Headley, and the sea is my favourite thing in the world. I was born in that cottage behind me, the one with the whitewashed walls and the blue roof. Sometimes I feel like my life is a fairytale, because I live in such a beautiful mysterious place, and I look different from everyone else who lives here. But then I always have been a little different.

My red hair is different for a start. Everyone I know has either dark or blonde hair, no one else has my firey curls, not even my family. And then there are my eyes, a deep sea blue unlike the other colours that frequent the villagers' eyes. My white skin with the few scatterings of freckles on it  is opposite to the tanned skin of the rest of the village as well. Sometimes I wondered about whether I am really related to my family at all. Whenever I asked my father, he simply changed the topic  of conversation. And my mother had died when I was born, so I had never known her or been able to ask her why I was different. But she had looked like me. She was the only one who looked like me.

"Amelia? Amelia, what are you doing out here all on your own? I thought you were going to the dance this evening." I look up to see my father standing over me. He is tall, with deep green eyes and dark hair over his tanned skin, and he smiles down at me with his white teeth.

"I was father. But it's not for another hour and so I thought I could spend some time here."

"Indya is here to see you. She appears to have a large bag of makeup with her." I groaned. Indya is my best friend, but she is always trying to dress me up, while I prefer to just wear a bikini top and shorts. "You'd better go. She seemed impatient." I heaved a sigh and pulled myself to my feet, climbing up the hill with my father. When we reached the house I climbed up the smooth, weather-beaten tree at the back to my room, where Indya was waiting for me, a grin on her face and lipstick in her hand.

Indya stepped back.

"There, I think you're done." I turned round and looked in the mirror. She had only applied light makeup, but it had made such a difference in my face I could hardly believe it was me.

"Wow, thank you Indya."

"You're welcome. Now, let's get to this party before all the good looking guys are taken."


The End

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