The groaning of the old floorboards increased as the man stepped toward his old broken door.

“I really should fix that.” The old man muttered under his breath to himself.

He wasn’t a person that could just get up and clean, he thought time was better spent on living although he seems to have forgotten what he once believed in. After they came and took everything from the town, from his family, from him, the old man didn’t want to be happy and living, if there isn’t people around to live and be happy with. Sure they’re people but not people that believe in the same things. He was a complicated man that had dark secrets that he wasn’t going to share just to anyone.

 “What do you want?” The man came out with his drink, words starting to slur together, taking a large gulp as he saw the two children looking up to him. Shit what now? He thought. He didn’t have time to deal with children, not when one of them was only a new born. After looking intently at the two children he could see the resemblance to someone but if only he knew who.

“Ah, H-hello, umm, I’m Isobel and this is my little brother H-harry,” Isobel stumbled with her words all the while she was talking. When Isobel mentioned her name Lance realise that this was his sister children, of course they look familiar. I haven’t seen them in ages, thought Lance. “Do you know a Lance?” she said a little more confidently.

“What do you want with Lance?” Why or what would Isobel want with Lance? Is Isobel just asking for Lance because her Mother has just died or is she asking because she know that in order to survive they need Lances help?

“We were hoping to find him… so he can help us.”

“Who are you and what is your concern with Lance?”

“Well like I said this is my little brother Harry and I am Isobel. Well we don’t know lance—“

The truth was that Lance was pleased to see Isobel again, she was all grown up but he knew that his sister would have wanted to wait until she was older- until Harry was older. He knew it was callous but it had to be done so she wouldn’t come back until she was older- until she started to understand.

 The door slammed in Isobel face, startling Harry peaceful sleep. His once peaceful dream soon changed into something dark, something that he wouldn’t understand or has never seen before. This dream is disturbing to see for Harry to see especially when it is a threat to his sister life, the only family he believes he has.

The End

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