“Mother, you can’t die, I need you, what am I supposed to do with this.” I said as I remembered the moment gesturing towards the small limp bundle curled up in my dirty, old torn shirt. “You can’t leave me with him.”

I was twelve when my mother died and I was left with my mother’s mistake; my half-brother. I’ve always grown up knowing my mother but not my father.  The last time I remember seeing him I was five, and for any five year old to lose a father is hard but when you lose your father to them it was so much harder seeing him drag away feet trailing along the concrete. I don’t know who ‘them’ are all Mother says is to stay away. I guess I never will know either, now that I have no family to look up to or to take care of me. I ALSO know have to look after my new half-brother. Mother probably did it so we could extra money to live, so she could let me live me. I understand that she wanted me to live but I can take of myself. I don’t get why she would want me to live. I am no body important.

Me, being a twelve year old that day I didn’t understand what bigger problems there could be in the world and that I was in the middle of them but like I said I was only twelve.

“Isobel, please you have too, they will kill you if they find out about little Harry. Please you have find Uncle Lance…keep Harry safe…” my mother mumbles, struggling to speak her words, her sentence start to slur together before she finally becomes quiet.

I gently close mothers’ eyes, tears starting to fall over my eyelids before quickly wiping them away smearing more mud and dirt on my face. I look around hoping that no one has noticed but seeing a dark strange figure move in the safety of the dark shadows I don’t know what to think of it. I brush it off like I wish I could with the dirt on my shoulders; like I do with all the dark figures that move into the shadows. When talking to people they never mention seeing figures hiding in the shadows but, I know I wouldn’t either considering the rumours that have been going around.

The End

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