Disir’s senses were underwhelmed. Through her cruel eyes she saw no light; her tanned skin felt no warmth, and her button nose smelt no hope. She knew she was sat in the corner of whatever sized container she was in. She still struggled to comprehend what had actually happened. Two bizarre strangers take her away, and inform her she has powers. Disir had no recollection of anything peculiar or untoward occurring around her; there had to be a mistake.

She was weak. Something about this container crippled her mentally and physically. She was also incredibly cold. She had to get out soon. She shuffled to get a better understanding of where she was, and the metal sheet she was perched on creaked. Muffled voices started to echo around the container, but she soon recognised it to be her captor’s voice, Kai.

“Don’t struggle child, we’re soon to be arriving in Londonia. The cage is custom designed to hinder any occupant whom decides to struggle against their enclosure, so remain calm and your direct purpose will soon be known to both you and us.”

Disir flung her arm out voluntarily promptly after Kai had stopped speaking. Her knuckles caught a metallic feeling wall, before returning instinctively to her chest where she harboured the pain reeling through her hand.

Unexpectedly, a deathly loud creak sounded from the metal again. The metal shook and shook violently, seemingly incessantly. Disir, panicking, cast her arms out so she was more balanced, but she felt a strange thing. The wall on her right was pushing into her. As she felt around for the wall to her left, she felt the same happening to that one. She instantly pushed herself to the ground in case of the ceiling crushing down upon her, but as her panic reached a peak, the horrific screeches ceased and she fell back into a relaxed slumber.

The End

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